Dumas Waco YMF5 Kit 35" DUM1807


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Build Type:
Unassembled Kit
Power Type:
Electric Power
Skill Level:
Skill Level 4
Vehicle Type:
Dumas Waco YMF5 Kit 35" DUM1807

More information about Dumas Waco YMF5 Kit 35" DUM1807

This is the Dumas Waco YMF5 Kit 35. This plane is intended for intermediate modeler and fliers.

Includes: Dumas Waco YMF5 Biplane Kit with covering tissue, decals, landing gear, three wheels, instructions, two plan sheets


  • Radio: 3-channel with micro receiver & two micro servos
  • Motor: Speed 280 w/2.8: 1 or higher gear drive
  • Electronic Speed Control: 5A with BEC
  • Battery: 3-cell (11.1V) 700mAh LiPo
  • Battery Charger: LiPo compatible
  • Propeller: 9x4.7 electric

  • Constructed of laser cut balsa
  • Tissue Covering
  • Vacuum molded Wheel Pants
  • Vacuum molded Cowl and Radial Engine
  • (Non-functional) Landing Gear: .041" (1mm) diameter wire requires bending
  • Wheels: Two foam 1.75" (44mm) diameter main, one plastic .75" (19mm) tail wheel
  • Flat plastic sheet windshield
  • Decals: Two sheets with gold accents marked for accurate placement

Wingspan: 35" (889mm)
25" (635mm)
Wing Area:
329 sq in (41.02 sq dm)
Center of Gravity:
3.2" (81mm) back from leading edge of wing at fuselage size
Motor Offset:
1? down thrust, 2? right thrust

Control Throws

.6" (15.2mm)
1.2" (30mm)

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