Flyzone Tidewater EP Seaplane TxR Prime SLT FLZA3332


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Build Type:
RX-TX Ready
Power Type:
Electric Power
Skill Level:
Skill Level 2
Vehicle Type:
<span><b>Sandy, UT</span><br/><span style=\'color: rgb(255,0,0);\'>Available Online Only</b></span>
Flyzone Tidewater EP Seaplane TxR Prime SLT FLZA3332

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This is the Flyzone Tidewater EP Seaplane TxR Prime SLT Float Plane. Make the Flyzone Tidewater your first (or next) float plane! Fast to assemble without using glue, the Tidewater boosts your confidence with easy water handling and predictable flight characteristics.

Takeoffs are a snap with the Flyzone Tidewater; whether from grass, water, or by hand. At full throttle, the Tidewater is powerful and fast. When it's time to land, just point the plane into the wind, reduce speed and keep the wings level - it almost lands itself!

Tx-R Prime aircraft were created with the more experienced hobbyist in mind. While Flyzone's original Tx-R airplanes include a basic charger and battery pack, Tx-R Prime aircraft let you supply those items yourself. You get to choose which battery to use - and you save by using your existing charger, instead of buying a new one. It's solid proof that Tx-R Prime was designed with you in mind.


  • One Flyzone Tidewater EP Seaplane TxR Prime SLT Float Plane with a 28-30-1300 kV Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • 30A ESC
  • Tactic TR624 6-channel Receiver
  • 9x4.5 ElectriFly PowerFlow Slo-Flyer Propeller
  • Two Tip Floats
  • Instructions
  • Micro Servos


  • Tactic AnyLink SLT 2.4GHz Radio Adapter (TACJ2000) to adapt aircraft transmitter (the Futaba Square, TACM0001 and JR, Spektrum, TACM0002 are included with the AnyLink adapter) *Tactic 2.4GHz 4 or 6 channel transmitters do not require the AnyLink adapter
  • Battery: 3S 11.1V 2200mAh 30C with Deans Ultra Plug
  • Battery Charger: Great Planes 3S balancing LiPo Smart Charger recommended
  • Made of foam
  • One-piece wing design with motor and pod, wing attaches to fuselage with 1/4-20x2 nylon wing bolt
  • Dual Servo Aileron Control
  • 28-30-1300 kV Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • 30A Electronic Speed Control
  • Tactic TR624 6-channel Receiver
  • Micro Servos
  • 9x4.5 ElectriFly PowerFlow Slo-Flyer Propeller, made of plastic
  • Landing Gear is made up of two tip floats on either side of wing
  • Warranty (through the manufacturer): Flyzone guarantees this kit to be free from defects in both material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any component parts damaged by use or modification.
Wingspan: 41.5 in (1055mm)
Length: 36 in (915mm)
Weight: 32 oz (905g)

Center of Gravity
Forward CG:
1-3/4" (44mm)
Recommended CG: 1-7/8" (48mm)
Aft CG: 2" (51mm)

Control Throws
Low Rate
1/4" (6mm)  12 degrees
Rudder: 1/2" (13mm) 14 degrees
Ailerons: 1/4" (6mm)  11 degrees

High Rate
7/16" (11mm) 15 degrees
Rudder: 7/8" (22mm) 24 degrees
Ailerons: 1/2" (13mm) 23 degrees

Note: All measurements are from the leading edge of the wing at the fuselage side

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