Great Planes T-Craft 20 Kit .20-.32,56" GPMA0155

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Unassembled Kit
Power Type:
Nitro Power
Skill Level:
Skill Level 5
Vehicle Type:
<span style="color: #D70200;"><strong>Unavailable</strong></span><br /><span style="color: #D70200;"><strong>Sandy, Utah</strong></span>
Great Planes T-Craft 20 Kit .20-.32,56" GPMA0155

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Great Planes T-Craft outperforms many .40-powered kits with ease, and fits into most budgets the same way! Exciting aerobatics don't require a big engine investment-just the Great Planes' T-Craft and an economical .20-.30 power plant! What's more, the T-Craft is as easy to build as it is to afford. Interlocking structures and die-cut parts ensure that the T-Craft self-aligns for maximum strength and straightness. Work-saving add-ins-including the 3-piece cowl, wooden gear covers and a shaped, butyrate windshield-add detail to delight the scale builder's eye. In the air, lightweight wood parts, dual aileron servos and compact, clipped wing design give it the same crisp agility that makes the original an airshow standout!

An aileron servo in each wing simplifies setup on the ground, adds maneuvering snap! in-flight, and provides a plane-saving back-up in case the other servo fails! Wooden gear covers and wing struts are included for authentic appearance. However, the struts can be removed and will not affect R/C performance. The wrap-around windshield offers the original's shape and simple, glue-in-place installation. Build and paint the frame, and the clear side window simply drops into place.

Held in place by only two bolts, the T-Craft's 1-piece wing can be quickly removed for easy transportation or easy access to the radio compartment. The T-Craft's generous package of Great Planes' hardware includes a fiber-reinforced nylon engine mount, adjustable for exact fits with any engine in the recommended range. T-Craft 20 frame-up is straightforward and fast, thanks to CAD-simplified structures, full-size plans and photo-illustrated instructions.

The T-Craft's 3-piece, ABS cowl allows 4-stroke mufflers to be completely enclosed. Exhaust pipes for 2-stroke mufflers exit at the bottom of the cowl, to maintain maximum scale appearance.

Includes: All wood to build the kit, full size rolled plans, photo illustrated instruction manual w/reference plans, clear windshield, CA hinges, engine mount, hardware package, decal sheet, 3-piece ABS cowl and 2-piece ABS wheel pants.


  • Engine: .25-.32 (4-5.3cc)(2-stroke) or .26-.30 (4-stroke)
  • Radio: 4 channel w/5 servos (3 standard and 2 micro for ailerons)
  • Covering: approx. Two 6-foot rolls with matching paint
  • Misc. items: prop, 2.5 main wheels, 1 tailwheel, 6oz fuel tank, ¼ foam rubber, fuel tubing, aluminun spinner nut, 1/6 scale pilot, 5/32 & 3/32 wheel collars, 24Servo lead extensions and Y-harness, building and field equipment.
  • Easy-to-build, with CAD-engineered, precisely interlocking balsa and plywood construction
  • Includes premium-quality hardware package
  • Flies well using a 2-stroke .25 or 4-stroke .20, excellent aerobatic potential with a 2-stroke .32 or 4-stroke .26.
  • Designed based on a full size clipped-wing Taylorcraft aircraft of the 1930s which was the predecessor to the classic Piper J-3 Cub
  • Compact size is convenient to transport and well-suited for flying at small sit's
  • Any modeler with intermediate building experience can enjoy this kit

Wingspan: 56" (1422mm)
Wing Area:
496.7 sq in (32.0 sq dm)
Wing Loading:
17.5-21.0oz/sq ft (53.5-64.2g/sq dm)
3.75-4.5lbs (1705-2045g)
40.75" (1035mm)
NACA 23012, semi-symmetrical
Center of Gravity:
3" Back from the Leading Edge of Wing at Fuselage

Degrees incidence

+3? up thrust, this is needed because the wing and stab are at a positive angle of attack.

Control throw
High Rate
(each way) 1/2" (12.7mm)
(each way) 1" (25.4mm)
(each way) 5/8“  (16mm)

Low Rate
Elevator: (each way) 5/16“  (8mm)
(each way) 1/2" (12.7mm)
(each way) 7/16“  (11mm)

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