Hitec Extra 300S PNP with BL Motor ESC Servo HRC13609


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Electric Power
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Skill Level 3
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Hitec Extra 300S PNP with BL Motor ESC Servo HRC13609

More information about Hitec Extra 300S PNP with BL Motor ESC Servo HRC13609

This is Hitec's new Extra 300S PnP with Brushless Motor, ESC, and Servo Installed.

The extra 300S offers sport scale aerobatics in a durable, nimble package perfect for low-stress weekend fun! The EPO foam airframe comes pre-painted in an eye-catching color scheme with a high performance brushless motor and servos, preinstalled. Full four-channel control delivers unlimited aerobatics. Dazzle your friends with your own private airshow!

Includes: Extra 300S Airplane, with four Servos, ESC, Spinner, Prop, Motor, Instruction Manual


  • Radio: 4-channel with receiver
  • Battery: 3-4S 11.1-14.8V at least 2200mAh LiPo
  • Deans Male Adapter: if using the battery listed above, the battery plug on the ESC must be removed and this adapter must be attached to the ESC battery wires to mate with the FlightPower battery listed above
  • Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery
  • Y-Harness: For aileron servos
  • LiPo Charging Bag
  • #1 Phillips Screwdriver: 1.5mm Hex Head Screwdriver, 13mm Wrench
  • Construction: EPO foam
  • Wing: Two-piece with carbon fiber spar tube
  • Aileron Control: Dual servo
  • Motor: Brushless 630kV
  • Spinner: 2" (51mm) plastic, silver in color
  • Servos: Four 17g mini servos preinstalled
  • ESC: 50A
  • Cowl: EPO foam attaches with magnets
  • Canopy: Clear plastic
  • Propeller: 12x8 3-blade plastic, black in color
  • Landing Gear: Pre-bent aluminum with plastic wheel pants
  • Wheels: Foam, main 1.5" (38mm), 0.87" (22mm) tailwheel

Wingspan: 47.2 Inches
Wing Area: 418 Square Inches
Wing Loading: 17.1 Ounces/Square
Foot Length: 42.5 Inches
Weight: 3.1 Pounds
Motor: 600kV Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 50 Amp Brushless
Target User: Intermediate