Multiplex Funcub RR MPUM264243


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RX-TX Ready
Power Type:
Electric Power
Skill Level:
Skill Level 1
Vehicle Type:
<span><b>Sandy, UT</span><br/><span style=\'color: rgb(255,0,0);\'>Available Online Only</b></span>
Multiplex Funcub RR MPUM264243

More information about Multiplex Funcub RR MPUM264243

This is the Multiplex Funcub ready built 55 airplane. This airplane is great for beginner modeler and fliers.

Includes: Pre-molded wings, fuselage and tail assemblies, pushrods, all hardware, six servos, brushless motor, 13x4 propeller, 30A ESC, pre-bent 0.039 (1mm) wire landing gear, two 4.75 (120mm) main wheels, 2 (51mm) tailwheel, plastic motor mount, two fiberglass wing spars, two decal sheets, photo-illustrated instructions and tow hook


  • Battery: 2100-2500mAh LiPo
  • Battery Connector Set: WSDM3001 if using battery listing in Accessory Guide, connector from ESC will have to be replaced
  • Battery Charger: LiPo compatible with balancer
  • Radio: At least 6-channel
  • Misc. Items: Building and field equipment

Note: This model is NOT made of Styrofoam and it is not possible to glue the material using white or epoxy glue. Medium CA glue used with an activator is the only method of gluing recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Construction: Elapor foam white in color
  • Wings: Two-piece all foam with plastic wing tube
  • Aileron Control: Dual servo
  • Flap Control: Dual servo
  • Motor: Himax C 3516-0840 brushless
  • Radio Compartment: Accessible under wing
  • Landing Gear: Main, pre-bent fixed wire 0.087" (2.2mm) diameter, tailgear, pre-bent 0.039" (1mm) diameter wire
  • Wheels: Main, two Elapor foam 4.75" (120mm), foam 2" (51mm) tailwheel
  • Canopy: Elapor foam, detaches easily for battery access
  • Decals: Peel and stick application with red and silver accents and black and gray window detail

Wingspan: 55.1" (1400mm)

Wing Area: 588 sq/in (38 sq/dm)

All Up Weight: 39.9oz (1130g)

Wing Loading: 9.8oz. sq/in (30g sq/dm)

Length: 38.6" (980mm)

Airfoil: Flat bottom high-wing placement

Center of Gravity: 3.1" (80mm) Back from the wing's leading edge at the fuselage

Control Throws

Elevator: Up 0.59" (15mm), Down 0.47" (12mm)

Rudder: Right to Left 0.59" (15mm)

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