Multiplex Tucan Kit Aerobatic Low Wing Sport Flyer MPUM214284


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Unassembled Kit
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Electric Power
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Skill Level 4
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<span><b>Sandy, UT</span><br/><span style=\'color: rgb(255,0,0);\'>Available Online Only</b></span>
Multiplex Tucan Kit Aerobatic Low Wing Sport Flyer MPUM214284

More information about Multiplex Tucan Kit Aerobatic Low Wing Sport Flyer MPUM214284

This is the Multiplex Tucan Kit Aerobatic Low Wing Sport Flyer.

The Multiplex Tucan is a sleek low-wing modelith a clear canopy, detailed cockpit, stylish decal sheet and strong undercarriage. The Tucan makes a great team flyer or trainer, and provides any amount of flying fun. This ELAPOR modelffers an outstanding set of new and sophisticated detail features which set entirely new standards in its class.

Includes: Multiplex Tucan Aerobatic Airplane Kit, with Canopy, Decals, Plywood Reinforcements and Instruction Manual


  • Radio: 6-channel with receiver
  • Servos: Five micro with metal gears
  • 12 (300mm) Servo Extensions: Four
  • Motor: Multiplex offers the #33 3663 Power Set (not carried) that includes a HIMAX C 3528-1000, 55A ESC, LiPo Battery, Propeller and hardware
  • Battery: 3S 11.1V, (The Multiplex #15 7371 battery is recommended but not carried by us. The FlightPower Pro 50 3600mAh 3S 11.1V is compatible. If using the ESC in the #33 3663 Power Set, the battery connector must be changed to a Dean's Ultra Male to mate with this battery.
  • Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery
  • LiPo charging bag
  • Building and field equipment

Note: This model is NOT made of Styrofoam and it is not possible to glue the material using white or epoxy glue. Medium CA glue used with an activator is the only method of gluing recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Fuselage incorporates “M-Frame technology” for extreme strength
  • Can be fitted with optional retract system
  • Docile low-wing aircraft with aerobatic capabilities
  • Clear canopy with highly detailed cockpit
  • Range of optional well-matched power sets available

Wingspan: 51.2" (1300mm)

Overall Length: 43.7" (1110mm)

Total Weight: 65.2oz (1850g)

Wing Area: 496 sq/in (32 sq/dm)

Wing Loading: 19 oz. sq/ft (58g sq/dm)

Configuration: Low wing

Airfoil: Semi symmetrical

Center of Gravity: 3.5" (90mm) aft of the wing root leading edge measured at the fuselage

Control Throws:
Elevator: Up 0.39" (10mm), Down 0.31" (8mm) 20% Expo
Rudder: Right to Left 0.59" (15mm) 10% Expo
Ailerons: Up 0.59" (15mm), Down 0.47" (12mm) 20% Expo
Nosewheel: 0.31, 031" (8, 8mm)

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