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Unassembled Kit
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Nitro Power
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Skill Level 5
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<span><b>Sandy, UT</span><br/><span style=\'color: rgb(255,0,0);\'>Available Online Only</b></span>
Top Flite Contender .60 Size Kit TOPA0210

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Top Filite Sport Model Airplane, Fast, fun and better than ever!In 1969, Top Flite introduced the Contender, an aerobatic kit that was so enjoyable to fly, modelers are still showing them off at the field to this day. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of this R/C club favorite, Top Flite unveils the new Gold Edition Contender. It's everything that made the original Contender so much fun, along with Gold Edition engineering that makes it even easier to assemble!

CAD-designed parts and interlocking construction allow the Contender to be ready to cover in about 10-16 hours, with very little carving or shaping. Comes with lots of premium-quality hardware, including rod-in-tube pushrods and wire tricycle landing gear. The Contender flies exceptionally well with a .46 engine, and the included, adjustable mount accepts any engine in the recommended range up to a .61. Dual aileron servos deliver swift, sure input to the plane's lightweight, built-up control surfaces, for amazing authority when performing demanding aerobatics.

The D-tube wing goes together as one piece for fast, easy assembly, without the need for a joiner or fiberglass tape. Fuselage sides are formed from one-piece, die-cut 3/32 balsa.

Concealed on the bottom of the fuselage, a handy hatch provides easy access to the Contender's fuel tank and radio gear compartment. The unique, center-flap option shown here allows fliers to make short carrier landings. All control surfaces are stick-built to minimize flying weight. Without on-board gear, the Contender weighs a mere two pounds and eight ounces, which contributes to its impressively agile flight performance with engines from the low end of its displacement range.

Includes: All wood to build the kit, full size rolled plans, photo illustrated instruction manual with reference plans, clear canopy, CA hinges, nylon adjustable engine mount, hardware package and decals


  • Engine: .40-.61 2-stroke or .52-.70 4-stroke
  • Radio: (Without Flap) 4 Channel with 5 Standard Servos (With Flap) 5 Channel with 6 Standard Servos
  • Servo Extensions: Two-12 or Three-12 If Flap Is Used
  • Y-Harness: 1
  • Covering: Two 6 Foot Rolls
  • Misc. Items: Propeller, 2½ Main Wheels, 8-10oz Fuel Tank, Foam Padding, Fuel Tubing, 2½ Spinner, 2 Height 1/6th Scale Pilot, Building and Field Equipment
  • CAD-Designed Parts and Interlocking Construction Allow the Contender to be Ready To Cover in 10-16 Hours, with Very Little Carving or Shaping.
  • Comes with Lots of Premium-Quality Hardware, Including Rod-In-Tube Pushrods and Wire Tricycle Landing Gear
  • The Contender Flies Exceptionally Well with a .46 Engine, and the included, Adjustable Mount Accepts Any Engine in the Recommended Range Up to a .61 size
  • Dual Aileron Servos Deliver Swift, Sure Input to the Plane's Lightweight, Built-Up Control Surfaces, for Amazing Authority when Performing Precision Aerobatics
  • D-Tube Wing Goes Together as One-Piece for Fast, Easy Assembly, Without the Need for a Joiner or Center Joint
  • Unique, Center-Flap Option Allows Fliers to Make Short "Carrier" Landings and Wing Tips in "Gull Wing" Version
  • Concealed on the Bottom of the Fuselage, is a Handy Compartment that Provides Easy Access to the Fuel Tank and Radio Gear
  • Any Modeler with Intermediate Building Experience Can Enjoy This Kit
  • Detailed, Vacuum Formed Canopy

Wingspan: 53.3" (1353mm)
Wing Area:
660 sq in (42.6 sq dm)
Wing Loading:
21-23oz/sq ft (64-70g/sq dm)
6-6.5lbs (27210-2948g)
49.6" (1261mm)
Fully-Symmetrical, Low-Wing
Center of Gravity:
3-3/16" Back from the Leading Edge of Wing

Degrees Incidence
Wing: +1º

Control Throws Each Way
High Rate
(Up & Down) 5/16“  (7.9mm)
(Left & Right) 1" (25.4mm)
(Up & Down) 5/8" (15.9mm)

Low Rate

Elevator: (Up & Down) 3/16“  (4.8mm)
(Left & Right) 5/8" (15.9mm)
(Down) 1-3/4" (44mm)
(Up & Down) 3/8“  (9.5mm)

Note: Aileron Rate Should Be Measured At The Inboard End Of The Aileron)

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