Top Flite Douglas DC-3 Kit TOPA0500

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Unassembled Kit
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Nitro Power
Skill Level:
Skill Level 5
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Top Flite Douglas DC-3 Kit TOPA0500

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Top Flite Douglas DC-3 celebrates the Golden Era of Aviation. When the Douglas DC-3 debuted in 1935, it marked a milestone in commercial aviation. Suddenly, flying was popular and practical. Production ended just eleven years later, but the DC-3 lives on in this expertly engineered kit. If you've never built scale or flown a twin, it's a great introduction!

Handles like an advanced sport plane, with large aileron, rudder and elevator surfaces for easier piloting. Each engine functions independently-and is aligned to help keep the modelontrollable if one engine quits. Easy-to-install, precision-formed ABS parts add such scale details as cockpit top, tail cone, engine nacelles and wing fairings. Detailed manual explains how to install optional, customized semi-scale retracts. Can be built with split flaps and scale rudder for added authenticity.

Includes extra decal markings for military C-47 version. IMAA-legal 82.5quot; span. The DC-3 has a round fuselage, yet with its large diameter-and Top Flite's smart engineering-assembly goes smoothly. There's almost no time-consuming carving or shaping, and the interlocking frame builds flat on the plans. The cockpit top of the DC-3 is made of precision-formed ABS plastic. For quick access to the hidden on-board radio switches, charge jack and battery, all you have to do is remove this one piece. Using included parts and plans, experienced builders can reproduce the complex angles of the full-size DC-3's rudder hinge line. it's one of several options to maximize scale accuracy. The right engine gets 4º of right thrust the left engine, 3º of left thrust. If an engine goes out in flight no matter which onethis offset helps you maintain control over the model.


  • All balsa and plywood sticks and sheeting to build the kit ABS Cockpit Top, Tail Cone, Engine Nacelles, and Wing Fairings
  • Wire Landing Gear, Hardware, and Pushrods
  • Wood parts to build the optional tail and flaps
  • Eastern Air Line Decals and Optional C-47 Military Decals
  • Detailed Illustrated Flying Twins Instructions and Plans


  • 4-8 channel radio with 6-9 servos (Recommended 8-9 channel with 9 servos)
  • Three Micro servos with 45 oz-in (2-Engine, 1-Retract)
  • Six Standard Size with 45 oz-in (2-Flaps, 2-Ailerons, 1-Rudder,1-Elevator)
  • Two 12 servo extensions
  • Two Y-harnesses
  • Two .25-.40 (4-6.5cc) 2-stroke OR Two .40-.52 (6.5-8.5cc) 4-stroke (NOTE: It is recommended that only experienced pilots use the .25s)
  • Two Props (3-blade 10 x 4 props recommended for the .40FX)
  • Three rolls of MonoKote, and One Can of Paint in matching color
  • Two spinner nuts, Two 10oz fuel tanks, Six feet standard fuel tubing, Two 3¼ wheels, One 1½ tailwheel, Wheel collars, foam rubber, Building, and Field Equipment

NoteThe box says the left engine should get 3? thrust,that is incorrect-both right and left thrusts are 4º

  • Excellent flying characteristics; because of the engine angle and modified aerodynamics, this kit flies extremely well, even on one engine. (Most models of the DC-3 will go inverted and crash)
  • Precision-formed ABS tail cone, engine nacelles, wing fairings, and cockpit top
  • An interlocking fuselage frame builds flat on the plans and the large round fuselage requires very little carving or shaping
  • Can be built with split-flaps and the scale aerodynamic "Balance Tab" rudder which uses the air deflection to help turn the plane
  • Includes Eastern Air Lines and Optional Military C-47 Decals

Wingspan: 82.5" (2095mm)
Wing Area:
750 sq in (48.4 sq dm)
8-10lbs (3630-4540g)
Wing Loading:
24.6-30.7 oz/sq ft (75-94g/sq dm)
Fuselage Length:
55.5" (1410mm)
Fin Area:
70.07 sq in
Fixed Landing Gear Wire Diameter:

Thrust Angles: (important!)

Right Thrust:

Left Thrust:

Right engine:
4º out
Left engine:
3º out
6º down