Aquacraft U-18 Miss Vegas Deuce TTX300 2.4GHz RTR AQUB35**


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Ready to Run
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Nitro Power
Skill Level:
Skill Level 1
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Yellow- Aquacraft U-18 Miss Vegas Deuce TTX300 2.4GHz RTR AQUB35

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This is the radio controlled, glow powered, ready to run U-18 Miss Vegas Deuce Hydroplane from AquaCraft. The U-18 Miss Vegas Deuce RTR was built with two goals in mind: to get you race-ready fast-and to do it with sensational speed and style! The fiberglass hull was refined by the AquaCraft USA design team, then factory-finished for the best in no-work good looks. And everything inside is factory-installed, from the SuperTigre .18 marine to electronics for the Tactic TTX300 radio to the full package of genuine GrimRacer high-performance hardware.


  • U-18 Miss Vegas Deuce Hydroplane
  • 2.4GHz radio system
  • SuperTigre engine
  • Tuned pipe
  • Electric starter
  • Boat stand
  • Decals
  • Glow plug
  • Instruction manual


  • AA Batteries: Eight, 4 for transmitter and 4 for battery box in boat
  • Glow Fuel: 30% nitro boat blend, NOTE Use of fuel with higher than 30% nitro content is not recommended
  • Fuel bottle, glow starter and shore equipment
  • 6-Cell NIMH or NICD battery pack for starter and compatible charger
  • Hull Construction: Painted fiberglass
  • Radio: 3-channel Tactic TTX300 2.4GHz pistol grip, TR325 receiver, two servos
  • Engine: .18 cu in (3cc) water cooled with starter
  • Exhaust: Q-18 tuned pipe to reduce noise and boost power
  • Engine Starter: AquaCraft Super Start 12V DC shaft starter
  • Engine Mount: Vibration reduction design
  • Propeller: Y535 injection molded

Length: 32.3" (820mm)
Beam: 13.8" (350mm)
Weight: 5lb (2.27kg)
Wing Height: 6.5" (165mm)

Factory needle settings: High Speed Needle: 4 turns out
Low Speed Needle: 2-1/2 turns out

ABC Piston and Sleeve
Bore: 0.662"
Stroke: 0.535"
Displacement: 0.184 cu in (3cc)
Power Output: 1.35 hp @ 28,000 RPM
Crankshaft Thread Size: 5mm
Carburetor Type: Rotary
Glow Plug: #4 Hot