Kyosho Lost Surfboards RC Surfer 3 ReadySet KYO40108B


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Skill Level 1
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Kyosho Lost Surfboards RC Surfer 3 ReadySet KYO40108B

More information about Kyosho Lost Surfboards RC Surfer 3 ReadySet KYO40108B

This is the Kyosho …Lost Surfboards RC Surfer 3 readyset. The iconic Surfer from Kyosho has been a long-standing rarity in years past, offering a completely unique experience to RC enthusiasts that can transform a day at the lake, river, or beach. With Kyosho's latest iteration of the surfer, they have continued to expand beyond conventional RC and joined forces with Lost, the largest surfboard manufacturer in the United States. Matt Mayhem Biolos designed the unique graphics for the board, and when combined with Kyosho's extensive experience in this category, it is looking to be quite the ride. The RC Surfer 3 Lost edition features a self-righting hull design covered in unique Lost graphics developed by Mayhem specifically for this project.

All-New Surfer Dude
The goofy-footed surfer dude is a hollow, lightweight design that attaches to the board with O-rings. The soft connection prevents damage to the board or surfer during wipeouts, and it helps in 'righting' the board to get you back in action without having to retrieve a capsized board and surfer.

Waterproof Surfboard Complete with ...Lost Graphics
The board contains the drive system, which is powered by an included NiMH battery pack that comes with a basic wall charger to get you surfing as fast as you can install four AA alkaline batteries (sold separately) into the handheld radio controller. The boards hatch is securely fastened into place using stainless steel hardware and is sealed with O-rings to keep the components inside of the board dry and running at their peak performance.

Brushed Power System
The brushed 24T motor is the powerhouse inside the Lost edition RC Surfer. It has the necessary torque to get out in front of big waves fast enough and it is water cooled to allow it to run as long as the battery pack will let it! Also included is a waterproof Team Orion ESC featuring super plug connectors that match the included Team Orion 2200mAh NiMH battery pack. The ESC is also LiPo compatible if you ever choose to upgrade for longer sessions and improved performance.

1x Complete Surfer Figure and Surfboard with Graphics and Electronics Installed
1x Syncro KT-231P transmitter and receiver
1x Team Orion 45A Brushed ESC
1x KS4031-06W (6kg) Waterproof Servo
1x Team Orion NiMH 2200mAh SCR battery
1x Kyosho Wall Charger

4x AA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter

  • Joint project with famous ...Lost Surfboards
  • Fully factory-assembled
  • Water-proof surfboard protects electronics
  • New goofy-footed lightweight surfer figure
  • Unique rudder design protects prop in shallow waters
  • Waterproof Team Orion ESC
  • Waterproof steering servo
  • Team Orion 2200 mAh Ni-MH battery and wall charger included
  • Stainless steel screws and O-rings seal the decklid
  • Available through higher quality hobby and surf shops around the world!

Scale: 1/5
Length: 26.0 in. (660mm)
Width: 6.3 in. (160mm)
Height: 12.8 in. (325mm)
Approx. Weight: 50 oz. (1,400g)
ESC: Team Orion 45A Brushed ESC
Battery: Team Orion 2200 mAh Ni-MH Battery w/Super Plug
Radio: 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P
Servo: KS4031-06W (6kg) Water-proof servo
Motor: Kyosho G24 Motor(24T)

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