Pro Boat Ragazza 1 Meter Sailboat V2 RTR PRB07003

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Item # PRB07003
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Ready to Run
Power Type:
No Motor
Skill Level:
Skill Level 1
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Pro Boat Ragazza 1 Meter Sailboat V2 RTR PRB07003

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This is the Pro Boat Ragazza 1 Meter Sailboat V2 comes Ready-To-Run. 

The Ragazza™ 1-Meter Sailboat RTR was designed for anyone who appreciates the fun and excitement of sailboat racing. Featuring a hull design based on full-scale racing hulls, the Ragazza will cut through the water with similar authority even at a distance thanks to a 2.4GHz radio system included in the box.

Whether you're a seasoned captain or a beginner, the Pro Boat® Ragazza™ sailboat makes it easy to hit the water with an IOM (International One Meter) sport racer of your very own. The Ragazza also gets you out on the water with little to no hassle with everything else you need in one box. The engineers at Pro Boat® even match the sharp performance of the Ragazza with a color scheme that’s sure to stand out and rip-resistant sails that are sure to go the distance.

  • Hand-laid fiberglass hull with bow foam protector
  • Easy to remove mast for hassle-free transportation
  • Adjustable turnbuckles make it easy to trim rigging tension
  • Includes Ripstop nylon sails with reinforced corners
  • A strong winch servo controls the sails
  • Steering is controlled by a high torque servo and large rudder
  • High impact graphics helps the Ragazza stand out
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Aluminum boat stand included
  • 8AA batteries included
  • Pro Boat 2.4GHz marine radio system included

Length: 39.4 in (1000mm)
Beam: 9.75 in (247.65mm)
Mast Height: 61.02 in (1.55M)
Radio: 2.4GHz Radio System
Hull Material: Fiberglass
Trim Scheme Colors: Red, black, and white
Hull Type: Sailboat
Sail Area (Main): .18 sq m
Sail Area (Jib): .24 sq m
Sail Area (Overall): .42 sq m

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