Dromida 1/18 Monster Truck RTR FPV with Camera/Goggles DIDC0080


Item # DIDC0080
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Build Type:
Ready to Run
Power Type:
Electric Power
Skill Level:
Skill Level 1
Vehicle Type:
Monster Truck
Dromida 1/18 Monster Truck RTR FPV with Camera/Goggles DIDC0080

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Take a ride inside this Dromida Monster Truck with FPV! Bashing monster trucks is always a blast. Racing, leaping, landing; all while the tires chew up the track and spit dirt out the back. Just imagine what it would be like in the driver's seat! Thanks to the Dromida Monster Truck FPV Pack, you don't need to leave it up to your imagination. It comes equipped with an onboard video camera and 5.8GHz video transmitter already installed, with a Tactic FPV monitor and goggles included. You'll be able to view the action from your truck's point of view, all in real time! Other highlights include full-time 4WD, a powerful Torque 370 motor, all-weather electronics, Big Bore oil shocks, high-traction tires and more - all completely assembled and ready-to-run.

1x Dromida 1/18 Monster Truck FPV
1x Torque 370 Motor
1x D100 2-Ch Radio System
1x Factory-Installed 600TVL FPV Camera
1x 25mW 40-Ch 5-Band 5.8GHz Video Transmitter
1x Tactic FPV-RM2 40-Ch 5.8GHz 4.3 LCD Video Monitor
1x Tactic FPV-G1 Goggles
1x Sun Shield
1x 3.7V 1S 1400mAh LiPo Battery
1x Micro USB Charge Lead
1x 7.2V 6-Cell 1300mAh NiMH Battery
1x USB NiMH Charger
4x AA Batteries

  • D100 2-channel radio system with waterproof ESC/receiver and independent steering servo
    • Reliable, interference-free 2.4GHz technology for driving with friends
    • Steering and throttle trims for performance tuning
    • Steering and throttle dual rates for tailoring response to your skills and preferences
    • Servo reversing for installation ease
    • LEDs for monitoring the battery's power level
    • Waterproof ESC/receiver with push-button linking
    • Waterproof, independent steering servo and servo saver for smooth, easy steering and gear protection
  • Tough gear differentials for dependable power delivery
  • Big Bore oil shocks to withstand rough off-road action
  • Mounted, high-traction tires with foam inserts for better handling
  • Big front/rear bumpers to absorb impact energy
  • Adjustable camber rods, shock positions and more for performance tuning
  • Ball bearings for less friction and wear, smoother operation and higher speeds
  • Torque 370 motor for smooth operation and impressive torque
  • 600TVL FPV Video Camera with 25mW, 40-channel, 5-band, 5.8GHz video transmitter
  • All weather electronics allow you to take on rain, snow, mud, and more
  • High-traction tires with foam inserts included for better handling