HPI Racing Q32 Trophy Truggy RTR 2.4 GHZ HPI120000

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HPI Racing Q32 Trophy Truggy RTR 2.4 GHZ HPI120000

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Small in size, large in fun, the easy to control Q32 Trophy Truggy comes with a host of innovative features, making it the ideal choice for hobbyists looking for some quick family fun. This beauty comes with a new body, cool rear wing, and a tough roll cage. Anyone can enjoy some RC action, indoors and outdoors, thanks to the blasting power of the Q32! You can drive it anywhere you want thanks to its racing dish wheels, high-grip foam tires, and a powerful rear-wheel drivetrain. It's light, fast, and superiorly agile. Not to mention, at just under five inches in length, it's perfect for racing in tight, confined spaces like garages, dining rooms, or even at the office! Just charge the battery straight from the TF-60 transmitter and in minutes you'll be ready to zip around the included corner markers or over the mini-ramp!

1x HPI Q32 Trophy Truggy RTR
1x HPI TF-60 Radio System with Built-In Charger for Truggy
1x Motor
1x Battery
1x Body
8x Track Dots
1x Jump Ramp
1x Instruction Manual

4x AA batteries for transmitter

  • Rear wing and mount
  • Internal roll cage
  • Real Steer technology allows the wheels to steer as little or as much as you need
  • Dish wheels with high traction, low-profile foam racing tires
  • Proportional steering adjustments give you to drive straight ahead or set up your Q32 for mind-boggling stunts
  • TF-60 radio transmitter with built-in charger
  • Composite nylon chassis
  • Lightweight polycarbonate painted body
  • 2WD direct drivetrain
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Independent front suspension
  • Single spring rear suspension
  • Eight corner markers and folding jump ramp
  • Q-Club with free downloadable stunts

Length: 4.3" (110mm)
Width: 2.9" (75mm)
Height: 1.7" (44mm)
Wheelbase: 3.2" (82mm)