Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 Kit KYO30047B


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Unassembled Kit
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Electric Power
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Skill Level 4
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Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 Kit KYO30047B

More information about Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 Kit KYO30047B

This is the Lazer ZX6.6 Kit from Kyosho. With three finalists in the 4WD class A-Main final at the IFMAR Electric Off-Road World Championships held at Yatabe Arena in Ibaraki Japan in October 2016, the Lazer ZX6 had the strongest representation of any make and claimed its place on the podium. The brand new ZX6.6 was designed to meet the increased demands of the modern racing scene for more power and higher grip. Still maintaining the control response and maneuverability the ZX6 is best known for, the ZX6.6 has undergone a minor model change to keep its leading edge in racing performance.

For increased traction and stability on high grip surfaces, the optional aluminum HD main chassis is included as standard. Changes around the center gear from the slipper clutch to the diff realize smooth traction on all road surface conditions for superior surface tracking and control characteristics. In addition, the introduction of the gullwing type rear sus arms from the Ultima RB6.6 allows longer shock strokes for improved surface tracking through corners and performance over surface gaps. These changes combine to life the overall performance and result in an improved total balance of the machined. If your focus is on race performance and achieving victory, the ZX6.6 is the car for you!

1x Unassembled Chassis Kit Set
1x Clear Body with Wing
3x Hex Wrenches (1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm)
1x Cross Wrench
1x X-Gear Ball Diff Grease, High Graphite Grease & Shock Spring Set
1x 19T Pinion Gear

2-channel, 1 servo, 1 ESC RC system
Tire Inserts
Battery Charger
Paint for body

Electronic items shown in photos are NOT included

  • Center midship motor and center shaft drive 4WD
  • A7075-T6 grade Duralumin upper deck-less chassis
  • Side plates dramatically improve chassis rigidity in pitch direction
  • 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension is equipped with turnbuckle upper arms
  • Front and rear are equipped with precision universal swing shafts
  • Ball diff incorporates tungsten carbide balls
  • Aluminum steering crank system provides linear control feel
  • Bolt-on hex clamp hubs provide secure fixing of wheels

Length: 385mm
Width: 248mm
Height: 145mm
Wheelbase: 278mm
Tread (F/R): 210mm / 200mm
Gear Ratio: 10.26:1(Spur 78T/ Pinion19T)
Weight: 1,650g (approx.)