Mugen MBX7TR ECO 1/8 Electric Truggy MUGE2020


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Unassembled Kit
Power Type:
Electric Power
Skill Level:
Skill Level 4
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Mugen MBX7TR ECO 1/8 Electric Truggy MUGE2020

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This is a Mugen MBX7TR 1/8 Electric Truggy.

Includes: MBX7TR Truggy Kit with clear Body, Rear Wing, Decals, Spur Gear, Pinion Gear, Shocks, Silicone Shock Oil, Instruction Manual


  • Radio: 2-channel with high-torque steering servo
  • Motor: Brushless truggy configuration
  • ESC: Compatible with selected motor
  • Tires and Wheels: 1/8 scale truggy
  • Building and track equipment
  • Chassis: 0.12" (3mm) thick A7075 hard anodized aluminum, increased side bends for greater durability
  • Drive: Four wheel shaft
  • Differentials: Oil-filled bevel gear
  • Shocks: Oil-filled 16mm diameter
  • Shock Towers: 0.157" (4mm) thick A7075 aluminum
  • Suspension: 0.196" (5mm) A7075 aluminum lower suspension mounts for optimized geometry
  • Bumper: Front foam
  • Body: Clear trimmed polycarbonate, cab forward style
  • Camber Tie Rods: Adjustable, Camber describes the angle at which the tires sit vertically
  • Steering Tie Rods: Adjustable, Caster/Toe-in is the angle at which the tires point inward as viewed from above
  • Ackermann: Adjustable, Ackermann refers to the inner front wheel turning faster that the outer front wheel during turns

Length: 19.4" (494mm)
Width: 12" (305mm)
Weight: 7.9lbs (3600g)
Wheelbase: 12.8" (325mm)

Length: 18.1" (460mm)
Width: 7.9" (200mm)
Height: 4.4" (111mm)