Blade mSR S RTF with SAFE BLH2900


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Ready to Fly
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Electric Power
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Skill Level 1
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<span><b>Sandy, UT</span><br/><span style=\'color: rgb(12, 131, 0);\'>Available Now!</b></span>
Blade mSR S RTF with SAFE BLH2900

More information about Blade mSR S RTF with SAFE BLH2900

This is the Blade mSR S RTF helicopter with SAFE technology. Modeled after the popular ultra-micro Blade® mSR heli, the Blade® mSR S is a great way to step up from coaxial helis and multirotor drones to a single-rotor machine. Fixed-pitch, flybarless rotor simplicity lets you enjoy extra speed and agility with a durable and efficient design. The included 1S 150mAh battery has a higher 45C discharge rate, so you get more responsive power while keeping the battery weight the same.

Exclusive SAFE® and AS3X® technology helps keep you in control by delivering the stability you need to develop confidence quickly. The variable high and low rate modes allow each flight to match your flying style and environment. Even experienced single-rotor pilots will find the mSR S great to have around whenever the time, place or weather keeps you from flying a bigger heli.

  • SAFE® Technology to Ensure Next-Step Success
  • Advanced AS3X® Technology Delivers Rock-Solid Flight handling
  • Fixed-Pitch Rotor Head
  • Incredibly Durable Construction
  • Easy to Repair and Maintain
  • Fully-Assembled with No Building Required

Type: Fixed Pitch Flybarless

Main Rotor Diameter: 180mm

Tail Rotor Diameter: 40mm

Gross Weight: 1.1 oz (31g)

Length: 8.00 in (205mm)


Rotor Blade Length: 80mm

Experience Level: Beginner

Recommended Environment: Indoor

Is Assembly Required: No

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