Tamiya 1/16 Battle System Accessory Set TAM53447


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Tamiya 1/16 Battle System Accessory Set TAM53447

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This is the Tamiya Battle System Accessory Set for the 1/16th Scale Tiger I Radio Controlled Tank. This system incorporates infrared light and realistic sound, eliminating the difficulty in judging, often found with other tank-to-tank games. Infrared light is totally harmless and prevents damage to details of the tank body. The system is comprised of the GFS (Gun Fire Simulator) Unit and the Infrared LED Unit, for the respective detection and emission of infrared beams.

A wide range of sound effects and actions are reproduced with Battle System including: damage blast, engine trouble sound, loss of speed, blast reaction, limited operation state, and finally inoperative state. Battle System provides a maximum shooting range of 30m and can be easily installed to your tank even after assembly and painting.

Epoch-making Battle System lets you choose among three tank classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy at the flick of a switch. Also, the number of blasts your tank can endure, the length of time between each firing-Battle System lets you set the conditions exactly as you wish.

You have just been hit by the enemy tank! You will hear the booming damage blast sound and feel your tank shake with the blast reaction effect. The GFS Unit will also flash to indicate the hit, and the sound and speed of your engine will slow. Also, directly after taking a hit, your tank gets shaken up and temporarily loses the ability to fire-you're down...but not out.

Your tank can only absorb so much punishment. After a certain number of blasts (this too can be adjusted), you will hear an explosion and the GFS Unit will flash intensely. Your tank will make two final lurches forward before the engine shuts down and all tank control is lost. NOW you're out.

The good news is that after a short period of down-time (about 15sec), your tank will come back to life with the battery engine start-up sound. For a short time, your tank remains invulnerable to enemy fire, allowing for some evasive maneuvering before striking back at your foe.

Battle System provides a maximum shooting distance of 30m, allowing for spacious tank-to-tank battling in a variety of settings. When enemy is within 5m of your tank, blasting him at any angle will cause damage. When the enemy is outside the 5m radius, only hits made at right angles to the tank (front, sides, or rear) will be effective.

Battle System stays true to laws of real tank combat, where hits received diagonally harmlessly defect off the thick armor plating. Tamiya brings you the heart-pounding thrill of real tank combat with Battle System.

Note: Battle System is only usable with tanks equipped with Multifunction Unit. Operation requires the use of two or more tanks equipped with Battle System.


One Tamiya Battle System Accessory Set for the 1/16th Scale Tiger I Radio Controlled Tank
Infrared receiver and gun fire simulator (GFS) base
One LED cable.

One DMD Multi-Function Unit
Installing on turret plate of tank and connecting LED cable to DMD unit.


  • This kit helps you get a realistic recreation of firing at a tank and being hit with; sounds, lights and recoil
  • Speed of damaged tank decreases to 50%-25% finally becoming inoperative and losing all functions
  • 30m. maximum shooting range
  • Battle System cannot be used with tank not equipped with the DMD Multi Function Unit
  • Four different types of tank classes(heavy, medium, light etc.) of differing defense and attack capability.

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