Tamiya 1/16 M4 Sherman Tank 105mm Kit TAM56014

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  • Tamiya 1/16 M4 Sherman Tank 105mm Kit TAM56014
  • Tamiya 1/16 M4 Sherman Tank 105mm Kit TAM56014
  • Tamiya 1/16 M4 Sherman Tank 105mm Kit TAM56014
  • Tamiya 1/16 M4 Sherman Tank 105mm Kit TAM56014
  • Tamiya 1/16 M4 Sherman Tank 105mm Kit TAM56014
  • Tamiya 1/16 M4 Sherman Tank 105mm Kit TAM56014
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Skill Level 4
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Tamiya 1/16 M4 Sherman Tank 105mm Kit

1/16th Scale Electric Powered, Radio Controlled,Tamiya M4 Sherman Tank. This Howitzer equipped version was developed as a fire support vehicle that fired high explosion anti-tank shells and greatly contributed to the Allied victory in WWII. This kit reproduces the HVSS suspension equipped late production version. Acoustic authenticity is also high on the score sheet, through the digitally recorded sounds of a real Continental R975-C4 9-cylinder engine, which roars from the bowls of the tank as it runs. And speaking of the running, you will be able to recreate all the speed and nimbleness of the full-sized M4 Sherman with state-of-the-art R/C technology.

The front-mounted gearbox contains two Type 380 motors that can operate together or individually to produce forward/reverse running and pivot turning. Metal torsion bars and suspension arms combine with the wide tracks to smoothly absorb bumps and dips in the terrain and provide high maneuverability. In addition, realistic engine sounds accompany the tank as it starts up, drives, and stops to idle. Hull-mounted main gun can be elevated, depressed, and swung to the left and right.

Listen to the deep start-up sound followed by throaty idling, and then hear the auto-choke activate as the engine kicks over. As you put the tank through its paces, the sound of the engine changes, just like the real M4 Sherman. Firing of the cannon, machine gun, raising/lowering of the cannon, etc.-all the action is linked with sound for an unbelievably realistic tank experience. Suddenly, you are the division commander all the power of the legendary U.S. tank is at your fingertips!

Includes: One 1/16th Scale Electric Powered R/C Tamiya M4 Sherman Tank with DMD Control Unit, DMD Multi-Function Unit, two 380 type motors, resin tracks, speaker, body, gearbox, decals and instructions

Requires: Radio: 2-Channel stick, servos not required-DMD Control Unit plugs directly into receiver.
Radio Batteries: 8 AA size
Battery: 6-cell flat with standard (Tamiya) connector
Charger: AC/DC timed or peak for 6-cell battery
Paint: Acrylic, for body
Misc. Items: Building and track equipment

  • Chassis: 1mm thick Duralumin (aluminum).
  • Motors: Two 380 type with pre-installed connectors.
  • Main Action: Forward, reverse, turning and pivoting can be controlled at every speed. The engine sound is a digital recording of a real M4 Sherman engine that changes pitch with throttle changes. Turret can be rotated 360 degrees with realistic rotation sounds. When tank is stopped, turret rotation can be controlled by the transmitter stick.
  • Elevation, lowering and moving of the Howitzer cannon with accompanying sounds are also controllable by the transmitter.
  • Sound and Visual Effects: The DMD Multi-Function Unit provides sound effects such as the Howitzer and machine gun fire, engine sounds and hull recoil action. Sound effects are faithfully reproduced by a large 2.5" (63mm) speaker.
  • Gearbox: Open, preassembled with plastic and die-cast metal gears.
  • Body: Plastic olive drab highly detailed with all fittings. Jerry
  • cans, ammunition boxes and K-ration cases are loaded on the rear as
  • accessories.
  • Tracks: Pre-assembled lightweight resin. Metal shafts are used to
  • connect track links for added durability.
  • Speed Control: Electronic, DMD Control Unit controls forward, reverse
  • turret rotation, Howitzer and machine gun firing and movement.


Length: 14.8" (376mm)

Width: 8.07" (205mm)

Height: 7.20" (183mm)

Weight: 7.5 lbs (3400g)(approx.)

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