Revolectrix Dual PowerLab 6 Touch SII DC Battery Workstation (6S/40A/1000W x2) w/Integrated Bump Controller

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The Revolectrix Dual PowerLab 6 Touch SII DC Battery Workstation is a 1000 Watt, dual channel, multi-chemistry battery workstation, with integrated Bump Controller and touch screen technology. The redesigned PowerLab Touch SII Battery Workstations from Revolectrix combine the amazing power, reliability, flexibility, and intuitive operation of the original Cellpro PowerLab series, with integrated BUMP Technology. All SII models include the following improvements: 1500V Power Isolation, Opto-isolated Data Ports, and Improved Noise Filtering for Rock Solid Performance to maximum spec. limits.

These flagship products represent the best REVO has to offer; 6s or 8s capable, Multi-Chemistry, Single or Dual Channel Charging "engines" based on time-proven reliable power circuit designs, married to a powerful, color touch LCD user interface; the best of what the original BUMP Controller has to offer, including NFC BUMPTag operation, Preset, or Manual Control of all Battery Management functions; on-screen real-time monitoring of all important data, integrated USB, and integrated Bluetooth 4LE for Android, and iOS Mobile Devices. All PowerLab Touch chargers are equipped with an EC5 connector on the input cable. Units are packaged with six formatted, blank BUMPTags and the USB cable for updating firmware. 

What is BUMP? 
BUMP is an exclusive Revolectrix concept for Battery Management. BUMP technology utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to communicate with any battery equipped with a BUMP Compliant Tag, or “BumpTag”. BumpTags are pre-installed and pre-configured on most Revolectrix batteries, but are also available separately, so a customer can configure them for use with any battery of his choosing. Once a BumpTag is programmed for a given battery, a simple “BUMP” of the battery on a Revolectrix BUMP-compliant charger or controller and it is ready to charge. The Revolectrix PowerLab Touch chargers have BUMP support built in, while BUMP support may be added to any legacy (or up to 4 of legacy) Cellpro PowerLab Battery Workstations by connecting a BUMP Controller which takes complete control of the PowerLab Workstations. Unlike conventional methods of battery maintenance which require adjusting settings for every operation, with BUMP technology, packs only need to be configured one time – when the BumpTag is configured, then…Charging is as simple as BUMP, CONNECT, and GO! 


  • Simple, intuitive color touchscreen user interface
  • Complete charger setup with a simple "bump" of the battery - just bump, connect, and press Go
  • Optimizes charger settings for each individual battery, speeds up the charging setup process
  • Reduces accidental mistakes that could lead to expensive (and potentially dangerous) battery damage
  • Automatic calculation for parallel charging, even for different battery capacities and C-ratings
  • Each BumpTag contains the full factory ratings of the battery (write-once), as well as user preferences and settings that can be changed at any time
  • Each BumpTag contains a unique ID which enables automatic battery history and performance tracking – battery cycle history is automatically cached and uploaded to the mobile app whenever it connects via Bluetooth
  • Flexible charger setup with BumpTags, Battery Presets, or Manual operations
  • Unlimited number of BumpTags can be used with a single workstation, and across multiple workstations
  • Up to 99 Battery Presets, fully configurable directly from the PL Touch interface
  • Manual operation mode for quick, simple one-off battery maintenance operations
  • External control ports (PL Ports 3 and 4) work with legacy Cellpro PowerLab 6, PowerLab 8v2, and Dual PowerLab (8x2) Battery Workstations
  • Supported Chemistries: LiPo (including LiHV), LiFe, Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCd, and Pb
  • Supported Operations: Accurate Charge, Normal Charge, Fastest Charge, Discharge, Storage Charge, Trickle Charger, and Analyze Cycle 
  • Analyze Cycle allows battery performance characteristics (Fuel Table, actual capacity, IR, etc.) to be stored back to the BumpTag for accurate fuel level and cycle time estimates
  • Designed to be easily mounted “under-deck” with the user interface exposed in a simple rectangular cutout, allowing chargers and electronics to be completely hidden inside a charging case or beneath charging tables/benches – ideal for integrated charging solutions for consumer or commercial purposes
  • Feature Controls settings allow the capabilities and user interface to be tailored to specific use-cases – ideal for integration into commercial charging systems such as drone operations

  • High isolation DC/DC step down converter provides 1500V isolation between input supply voltage and integrated bump controller to prevent supply noise from affecting sensitive control circuitry.
  • Opto-Isolated ports provide 100% voltage and signal isolation on all integrated bump controller data ports; Internal (PL Ports 1 & 2), as well as external (PL Ports 3 & 4)
  • Additional filtering circuitry.
  • Supply voltage isolation eliminates the need for common grounds between input power supplies and the PowerLab Touch models. Never worry about damage caused by mis-connections, failed connections, or different power supply voltage requirements for different components. Any number of power supplies of varying output voltages may be used to power individual components in a setup. For example, power a PL8TSII or DPL8TSII on 48V DC, power a legacy PL8 connected to external PL Port 3 using 24V DC, and power a PL6 connected to external PL Port 4 using a 12V DC PB battery without worries.
  • Complete opto-isolation greatly reduces noise levels on data buses between the integrated bump controller and the charge engine, improves reliability and reduces the number of safety codes during operation; particularly during higher current and higher operating voltages.
  • Lower noise as a result of the hardware improvements improves NFC reliability as well as bluetooth reliability and range. 

Input Current: 40A Max. 
Output Current: 40A Max. 
Output Power: 1000W - per channel 
Input Voltage Range: 10-32VDC 
Input Amps Max: 80A
Supports: 1s to 6s LiXX; 1-19S NiXX; 12V Pb - per channel
Internal Discharge: 8A/50W - per channel
Regen Discharge: 40A/1000W - per channel

NOTE: The Touch series chargers include a JST-XH balance port on the charger, allowing balance tap connection with standard JST-XH plugs directly into the charger. If you are using a separate adapter, the cables used on the legacy PowerLab series chargers are not compatible with the Touch series. Revolectrix recommends the MPA-4P for charging multiple Li battery packs of same cell count in parallel. Be sure to purchase the correct MPA-4P version that matches the main connector brand on your battery packs. Click here to view product manual and download Charge Control Software to your PC.

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