Slinky Toys Home Planetarium SLY06400


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Slinky Toys Home Planetarium SLY06400

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This is the Slinky Toys Home Planetarium, the most scientifically accurate star and constellation projection you'll ever see at home!

  • Project stars on your ceiling like a real planetarium.
  • Five constellation discs for winter, summer, spring, autumn and circumpolar (continually visible above the horizon).
  • Master star projection disc.
  • Instructional audio CD.
  • Can be used with any 3V, 500 mAh AC adapter (not included).
  • Includes one spare bulb.
  • Adjustable time and date so you can see the exact constellations, stars and planets visible at any given time.
  • Extremely detailed and informative Star Explorer's Guide instruction booklet.
  • A portion of the proceeds from the purchase supports the educational programs and scientific research of the American Museum of Natural History.
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