Walnut Ridge Solar Electric Vehicle WNR740060

Walnut Ridge

Item # WNR740060
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Walnut Ridge Solar Electric Vehicle WNR740060

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This is the Walnut Ridge Solar/Electric Vehicle, for ages 8 and older.

  • Not a model! It's a design and build car that you create
  • This racer will really go in the sun
  • If you're inside, charge it up with one AA battery
  • Great for individual or small group activity
  • Problem solving exercise with 'top secret instructions' if you get totally stumped!
  • The body style can become a creative experience
  • Have competitions on uniqueness, distance, speed and alignment
  • Parts come in a zip-lock bag that can be used to store and transport your finished product in
  • The objective with this kit is to design and build a vehicle that's powered by solar or electric energy
  • There is no right or wrong way to build your vehicle!
  • The basic stuff for operation is supplied
  • You can be creative: customize your vehicle and add your own stuff

One Walnut Ridge Solar/Electric Vehicle

Solar Cell and/or (1) AA Battery
Small Hammer