Koowheel K5 Hoverboard Dual Bluetooth and Smart LED Lights KOOUL2272


Item # KOOUL2272
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Koowheel K5 Hoverboard Dual Bluetooth and Smart LED Lights KOOUL2272

More information about Koowheel K5 Hoverboard Dual Bluetooth and Smart LED Lights KOOUL2272

The Koowheel hoverboard has 50% weight each side to keep it auto balanced before turn on and after turn off. It’s much more stable, easier and safer to ride especially for beginners. It has a modular structure, fewer cables, is safe, and has a very low defect rate. The 8-piece gravity sensors (not the regular 4-piece silicone gyros) make these hoverboards more sensitive and stable.

Ride in style with the double Bluetooth speakers playing your favorite songs. The handle in the middle makes it easier to carry around. The HD screen on the handle will show info like power, speed, and temperature.


  • Auto balance, much more stable, easier and safe to ride, especially for beginners
  • Modular structure, fewer cables, safer
  • UL2272 and ASTM certificates
  • 8 gravity sensors, not the typical 4 silicone gyros, more sensitive and stable
  • 7.5?Ç? wheel
  • Double control system
  • Two wheels separately not connect together
  • Detachable and replaceable battery
  • Double Bluetooth speakers
  • Handle in the middle, easier to transport
  • HD screen in handle to battery information
  • Samsung original imported top quality battery
  • Taotao Tech mainboard
  • Hanghong motor
  • Made from UV Protected materials
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • UL/CE certificated charger


Net weight: 10KG

Dimensions: L625*W190*H200 (MM)

Distance Limit: 20KM

Temperature Range for Using: 0?-40?

Maximum permissible gradient: 20º

Load capacity: 100KG



Capacity: 4.3Ah

Type: 18650 high rate lithium battery

Weight: 1.7KG

Charging time: 2H

Recharge times: 1500 cycles



Type: Brushless inductive DC motor

Maximum speed: 15KM/H

Dimensions: 7.5 inch



Technical parameters: Dual sine wave control system

On-board lamplight: Corresponding indicator lamplight

Buzzer: Corresponding alarm

LED automatic lighting: LED induction lamp


Display screen

Battery level display: 4 levels

Speed display: Real time speed

Temperature display: Motor temperature

Bluetooth display: Bluetooth connection


Bluetooth board

Type: Bluetooth module 4.0

APP function: App control and parameter setting

Horn: Twin horn 30MM

Audio broadcast: Low speed and battery level



Input: AC110V—240V

Output: DC42V2A

Charging time: 2H (high current output 2000MA)

Temperature Range for Charging: 0?-40?

Model of Charger: AOI-08420200DD1

Supplier of Charger: AOI

Certification: UL certification

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