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  • RC Vehicles

    At RC Planet we stock everything that you will need regardless if you are interested in radio control Cars and Trucks, Helicopters, Drones, Quadcopters, Boats, Airplanes or any other remote control product. We carry vehicles in many different sizes all the way from 1/24th scale all the way to 1/4th scale, from beginner to advanced. It doesnt matter if you are into electric RC or nitro RC we have it all including support parts for every RC Vehicle that we carry. Some hobby stores only carry a small amount of support items and replacement parts, we carry it all with over 60,000 products available to purchase from our website. Whatever brands may be looking for Traxxas, HPI Racing, Losi, Axial, Team Associated, Blade, Parkzone, Hobbyzone, and hundreds more you will find them all at the best prices at RC Planet.

  • RC Parts

    You can feel confident when purchasing a RC Vehicle from us that we will carry the replacement part you may need if a brick wall comes out of nowhere and hits your car or truck. Unfortunately it happens. We are very conscious of stocking parts for the radio control vehicles that we sell, and you will always find the best prices and selection on top brands like Traxxas, HPI Racing, Team Losi, Team Associated, Axial, Blade, Parkzone, and hundreds more.

  • Radio System

    A high quality radio system is the most important piece you can add to your RC car, truck, airplane, helicopter, drone, or boat. This is what keeps your high speed RC Truck on the road at the 60+ MPH speeds that they are capable of. We sell radio transmitters, servos, receivers, ESC, Electronic speed controls from top manufacturers such as Spektrum, Futaba, Airtronics, Hitec, and many more.

  • Motors

    Your RC car, truck, airplane or boat, is only as fast as the motor that propels it. You will find a very large selection of brushless motor systems, brushless motors, electronic speed controls, and all the adapters you will need to make your radio control vehicle the fastest and most reliable it can be. We carry a large selection of motors and motor systems from top manufacturers like Traxxas, Castle Creations, Tekin, Associated, HPI, and many more.

  • Batteries

    Whether youre a serious radio control enthusiast or new hobbyist, one of the most important things you can buy for your electric R/C is a great battery. It doesn't matter if youre running a helicopter, airplane, car-truck, or boat - From LiPo, NiMh, LiFe, Dry Cell, and NiCad to rechargeable, specialty, sealed, charger combos, accessories, and more, at RC Planet youll find the best selection of batteries for the best price.

  • Chargers

    Every R/C enthusiast knows that a great charger is just as important as a great battery and at RC Planet youll find the best brands and quality of chargers and batteries at low discounted prices. Are you looking for a specific battery charger or power supply? From AC-DC, AC Wall, DC, Battery and Charger Combos to Battery Balancer and Cyclers, RC Planet makes it easy to find the perfect battery charger to suit your every electric radio control need. Don't forget to checkout the battery and charger combos to save some extra money.

  • Tires & Wheels

    Whether youre driving your radio control car or truck on or off road, racing, bashing, or crawling, your tires and wheels are going to take a beating. No matter how you drive your R/C, youre going to need the right set of tires and wheels for the job. RC Planet carries the top models and manufacturers, all at the best price. At RC Planet youll find the foam inserts, glue, wheels, tires, hex adapters, from top manufacturers like Proline, AKA Racing, JConcepts, RC4WD, and many others at incredibly low prices everyday.

  • Bodies & Accessories

    One of the fun things about buying a hobby quality radio control car or truck is customizing your vehicle with a new body. We carry replacement RC bodies from Proline, JConcepts, Traxxas, Parma and many more. Many of the RC bodies that we carry come with custom paint or you can show your creative side and paint the body just the way you like it. With a large selection of RC Lexan body paint, decals, body tools, and supplies you will always find what you are looking for to create that perfect custom body.

  • Engines

    Although most radio control vehicles run great straight out of the box, there is always the option to make them even faster and more powerful. At RC Planet you'll find everything you need to repair, maintain, or upgrade your nitro or gasoline powered car-truck, helicopter, boat, or airplane. From air and fuel filters, carburetors, accessories, starting systems, tubing, glow plugs and more, all at the best price. You will find all of the top engine brands such as Traxxas, LRP, OS Engines, Losi, and many more at low discounted pricing.

  • FPV & Cameras

    At RC Planet you’ll find the largest selection of Onboard Cameras and more – all at a guaranteed low price. RC Planet carries the top manufacturers like GoPro, Walkera, Ace, Traxxas, Align, and more, so you’ll always find the right parts for your RC.

  • Field Equipment

    Theres nothing like taking your RC car-truck, airplane, or heli out to the local track or field, but sometimes that requires having the right equipment on hand. At RC Planet you'll find everything you need to keep your R/C going while you're out and about. You'll find the best selection of Engine Starters, Fuel Bottles and Pumps, Glow Plug and Starters, Power Panels, and anything else you need, all at the best price.

  • Tools

    Whether you're a new hobbyist or an advanced radio control enthusiast, having a wide variety of tools is crucial to your RC fun. If you're looking to repair, customize, maintain, or upgrade your R/C, youll find exactly what you need at RC Planet. From Body Tools, Painting Equipment, Engine Tools, Cutting Tools, Prop Balancers, Screwdrivers, Tool Sets, and more, at RC planet you'll find the best selection of tools for the best price.

  • Chemicals & Adhesives

    A good hobbiest always has extra supplies on hand and you can never have enough glue. We also carry other types of adhesives and chemicals such as tire glue, epoxy, nitro fuel, cleaners, degreasers, shock oil and everything else you will need to keep your tool box full and ready for anything.

  • Finishing Supplies

    Hey radio control fanatics, do you need some paint, decals, wraps, or other finishing supplies for your new clear Lexan or Polycarbonate RC body? Customizing your R/C car, truck, airplane, helicopter, or boat has never been easier! At RC Planet you'll find the best selection of finishing supplies; from paint sets, airbrush equipment, masking tape, sanding supplies, brushes and more, all at the best price.

  • Pinewood Derby

    Pinewood Derby remains a great way to encourage craftsmanship and competition among our youth, and RC Planet carries a complete line of products from top manufacturers like PineCar, Pine-Pro, Revell, and many more. You will find pinewood derby tools, performance upgrades, decals, and everything you will need to finish in first place. One of our most popular products is pinewood derby block kits available in bulk quantities to help save you money if you are purchasing for a large group such as boy scouts.

  • Model Rockets

    Theres nothing like watching your model rocket blast off, reaching intense heights in only a matter of seconds. At RC Planet, youll find all of the model rocket kits, engines, and accessories that you need to really make your new model rocket blast off.

  • Science & Learning

    Satisfy your inner scientist with our large selection of science and learning kits and experiments from manufacturers like Dunecraft, Be Amazing Toys, Insect Lore, Elenco, and many more. Learn about plants, crystals, solar power, geological mysteries, insects, and hundreds of other fascinating scientific wonders.

  • Models

    Model construction can be a great way to learn valuable mechanical skills that can help you through your lifetime. RC Planet carries a wide range of plastic and metal models from favorite model manufacturers like Tamiya, AMT, Maisto, Monogram, Revell, Testors, and many more. You will find a large assortment of paint, glue, and hobby supplies to help with your project.

  • Games & Toys

    When you are getting ready to purchase your new RC Vehicle from us dont forget about the kids, they will want a toy too. We carry a large selection of Kendamas, rubber band powered gliders, marbles, Slinkys, magic kits, kites, and hundreds of games and toys that will keep everyone in your family entertained while rip up the back yard with your 60+ MPH monster truck.

  • Books & Software

    Are you looking for the latest edition of Model Airplane News, Badgers Guide to Airbrushing, Flight Simulator Software, or an Instruction Manual for your RC car, truck, airplane, helicopter, or boat? At RC Planet you'll find the biggest selection of books and magazines, DVDs and videos, flight simulators, and instruction manuals for your radio control vehicle.

  • Apparel

    Are you a radio control fanatic and proud of it? At RC Planet you'll find all of the apparel you need to show support for your favorite manufacturers, teams, and models. R/C Planet carries a complete line of high quality Apparel from all the top manufacturers like HPI Racing, Traxxas, Team Associated, Savox, Pro-Line, Racers Edge, Futaba, and many more. From Branded Accessories, Hats, Jackets, and Shirts, you'll never be without your favorite RC Brand again!

  • Model Trains

    Model trains remain a very popular hobby for many of our customers and we carry many different brands of train sets from Bachman, Lionel, Atlas, Kato, and many more.

  • Slot Cars

    Slot cars sets and supplies from top brands such as AFX, SCX and more. We offer replacement slot cars, track, tune-up kits, and anything necessary to make your slot car perform like new. Remember if your not first your last.

  • Scooters

    Self-balancing scooters are the biggest thing this holiday season. These two wheel marvels, more popularly known as hoverboards are (RC) Rider Controlled using sensored platforms with self-balancing gyroscopic technology.  Whatever you call them these portable scooters are simply the hottest thing this Christmas.

  • Robots

    Buy Robots at RC Planet for hours of technical fun that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Pick and choose from top brands like OWI, Sphere, and Tamiya at low discounted prices.

  • Specials

    Shop RC Planet for sales and specials on popular radio control items. Not receiving our e-mails? It’s easy to apply just add your e-mail to the Join Our Mailing List link at the bottom of this page.

R/C Planet carries all the hottest names in Radio Control Cars and Trucks such as Traxxas, HPI Racing, Losi, Team Losi Racing, Axial. If you prefer to take your skills to the sky we carry airplanes, drones, and helicopters from top brands like Blade, Walkera, Parkzone, 3DR, Flyzone, Helimax, Align and many more. We also carry thousands of general hobby products such as Pinewood Derby, Model Rockets, Model Trains, along with all the field equipment, tools and supplies to support you in whatever hobby you love most.