AFX Racemasters 21016 Infinity (MG+) AFX21016


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AFX Racemasters 21016 Infinity (MG+) AFX21016

More information about AFX Racemasters 21016 Infinity (MG+) AFX21016

This is the Infinity Raceway Set from AFX.


  • 8.5 feet (2.6m) of running track
  • Over-under racing
  • Tri-power pack - 3 power levels let you race at your own speed
  • Mega-G+ chassis
  • Directional power pack allows you to reverse the race direction with the flip of the plug
  • New AFX 120 controllers
  • Easy snap together track assembly

Tech Specs:
Tri-power pack Input: 120VAC, 60HZ, 450mA
Tri-power Pack Output: 22.0VDC 1A 22.0VA; 12.0VDC 1A 12.0VA; 8.0VDC 1A 8.0VA

1x 15 terminal track
1x 15 straight track
6x 9 radius curved track 1/4
6x guard rails
2x bridge - low
2x Mega-G+ cars
2x AFX 120 controllers
1x tune-up kit
1x Tri-power pack
Instruction sheet

Requires: Assembly

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