AFX Big Block Battler w/TPP 40' AFX21004


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AFX Big Block Battler w/TPP 40' AFX21004

More information about AFX Big Block Battler w/TPP 40' AFX21004

This is the Big Block Battler with TPP complete and Ready to Run electric slot car racing set from AMX racing. Complete with detailed Ford and Chevy stock cars, and AFX exclusive digital lap counter, the popular Mega G+ system, and 40 feet of usable track, this slot car set is easy to learn, race, and have fun with!

A total of six exciting layouts can be built only using the contents of the box: two five-foot long straight track sections, over/under track, banked curves, and everything else you need to keep having fun. It also doesn't take up a lot of space, with its smallest layout measuring in at 2.8ft long by 7ft wide.

Like every other AFX set, the Big Block Battlers set takes advantage of the all-new Mega G+ Race System: an incredibly easy slot car system to learn and the easiest one to drive without any limits, guaranteeing the fun! This new system also comes with the exclusive AFX Tri-Power Pack which adds a new dimension of fun. With the Tri-Power Pack, you can take advantage of three power levels to help new drivers learn how to race without getting overly frustrated. Changing the power level is as easy as flipping a switch on the Pack. The power levels are set up like this:

  • Beginner: Cars stay on the track through about 95% to 100%* of turns even at full throttle
  • Intermediate: Cars stay on the track through about 60% to 70%* of turns at full throttle
  • Expert: Good luck!
    *Depends on track layout.

2x Mega G+ Slot Cars
1x Terminal Track 15
1x Digital Lap Counter
1x Start/Finish Straight 15
11x Straight Tracks 15
2x Straight Tracks 9
1x Straight Track 6
1x Squeeze Track 9
4x Banked Curve Tracks 12 R
4x Curve Tracks 12 R
2x Curve Tracks 9 R, 1/8
15x Curve Tracks 9 R, 1/4
2x Guard Rails
10x Bridge Low
2x AFX120 Controllers
1x Tune-up Kit
1x Tri-Power Pack

Three AAA batteries (PEK00580)

  • 40ft (12.2m) of track
  • Comes with everything needed to race
  • Tri-Power Pack - 3 power levels for racing at your own pace
  • Digital lap counter
  • New Mega G+ chassis
  • Easy-plug AFX120 controllers
  • Directional power pack
  • Includes detailed cars
  • 6 possible track layouts
  • Smallest layout only 2.8ft x 7ft (.9m x 2.1m)
  • Easy to assemble

Scale: HO 1/87
Running Feet (2-lane): 40
Floor Space Required for Primary Track: 7' x 4'
Number of Cars: 2
Number of Controllers: 2
Number of Power Packs: 1
Number of Pieces of Track: 42 (including lap counters and terminal track)
Number of Digital Lap Counters: 1
Number of Terminal Tracks: 1
Type of Chassis: Mega G+

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