AFX Giant (MG+) w/Lap Counter AFX21017

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  • AFX Giant (MG+) w/Lap Counter AFX21017
  • AFX Giant (MG+) w/Lap Counter AFX21017
  • AFX Giant (MG+) w/Lap Counter AFX21017
  • AFX Giant (MG+) w/Lap Counter AFX21017
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This is the Giant (MG+) Raceway complete and Ready-to-Run electric slot car racing set from AFX racing. This set has more track pieces, more length, more levels, more banks, crisscrossing tracks. squeeze tracks, and so much more! There really isn't another track quite like this one.

The Giant Raceway squeezes an impossible amount of slot car action into a compact 4ft long by 8ft wide section of floor space, not to mention its comes with a digital lap counter that counts up to 99 laps and starts you off with a 5-second countdown. But don't jump the gun or it will penalize you for 1 lap!

Like all new AFX sets, the Giant takes advantage of the new Mega G+ Race System: any incredibly easy slot car system to learn, and the easiest one to drive without holding back, guaranteeing the fun! This new system also comes with the exclusive AFX Tri-Power Pack which adds a new dimension of fun. With the Tri-Power Pack, you can take advantage of three power levels to help new drivers learn how to race without getting overly frustrated. Changing the power level is as easy as flipping a switch on the Pack. The power levels are set up like this:

  • Beginner: Cars stay on the track through about 95% to 100%* of turns even at full throttle
  • Intermediate: Cars stay on the track through about 60% to 70%* of turns at full throttle
  • Expert: Good luck!
    *Depends on track layout.

Using the Tri-Power Pack and the Mega G+ chassis together means parents can race with their younger kids without them crashing on every . And what about the times when you have lots of kids with different skill levels racing together? The Tri-Power Pack lets everyone race together at their own pace and everyone gets to have a good time.

2x Mega G+ slot cars
1x Terminal Track 15
15x Straight Tracks 15
4x Straight Tracks 9
4x Straight Tracks 6
1x Straight Track 3
1x Squeeze Track 9
2x Crisscross Track 9
4x Banked Curve Track 12R
1x Curve Track 15R
2x Curve Tracks 12R
3x Curve Tracks 9R, 1/8
27x Curve Tracks 9R, 1/4
32x Guard Rails
16x Bridge (Low)
9x Bridge (High)
2x AFX120 Controllers
1x Tune-Up Kit
1x Tri-Power Pack
1x Digital Lap Counter

Three AAA batteries

  • 62.5ft (19m) of track
  • Includes everything needed to race
  • Tri-Power Pack - 3 levels of power let you race at your own pace
  • Digital lap counter
  • Mega G+ chassis
  • AFX120 controllers
  • Directional power pack
  • Detailed cars
  • Track fits in a 4ft x 8ft (1.2m x 2.44m) area
  • Easy to assemble

Scale: HO 1/87
Running Feet (2-lane): 62.5
Floor Space Required for Primary Track: 4ft x 8ft (1.2m x 2.44m)
Number of Cars: 2
Number of Controllers: 2
Number of Power Packs: 1
Number of Pieces of Track: 68 (including lap counters and terminal track)
Number of Digital Lap Counters: 1
Number of Terminal Tracks: 1
Type of Chassis: Mega G+
Guard Rails: 32
Box Size: 29.375in x 17.5in x 5.375in (74.61cm x 44.45cm x 13.65cm)
Weight: 15 lbs

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