Tamiya Mazda MX-5 M05 M-Chassis On Road TAM58624

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  • Tamiya Mazda MX-5 M05 M-Chassis On Road TAM58624
  • Tamiya Mazda MX-5 M05 M-Chassis On Road TAM58624
  • Tamiya Mazda MX-5 M05 M-Chassis On Road TAM58624
  • Tamiya Mazda MX-5 M05 M-Chassis On Road TAM58624
  • Tamiya Mazda MX-5 M05 M-Chassis On Road TAM58624
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On-Road Car
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Unassembled Kit
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Electric Power
Skill Level:
Skill Level 3
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This is the Tamiya Mazda MX-5 M05 M-Chassis On Road. This R/C assembly kit model recreates the 4th generation of the Mazda MX-5 (also known as the Roadster in Japan and the Miata MX-5 in the U.S.), the iconic car with a heritage dating back to 1989 and total sales in excess of 950,000. The dynamic and lightweight car was made to amplify the thrill of driving, with a punchy 1.5-liter (2.0-liter in North American market cars) inline 4-engine and 6-speed transmission, while including modern must-haves such as advanced safety equipment.

The Tamiya R/C model faithfully captures the fun and maneuverability of the real life subject as it comes on the proven M-05 M-chassis platform. The M-05 is a simple to build FWD (front wheel drive) machine, which allows for plenty of after-market parts to be outfitted as you grow with your skill. The lightweight, narrow semi-monocoque frame offers an optimized weight distribution and a low center of gravity. A ground-hugging 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension and a 3-piece steering linkage ensure excellent stability during high-speed cornering.

Three wheelbase lengths (210mm, 225mm, 239mm) are possible by simply switching the position of the rear suspension parts, enabling a wide range of body choices available from Tamiya.

Includes: M-05 chassis, tires, wheels, foam inserts, Mazda body, decals, 20 tooth pinion gear, shocks, ESC, motor and instruction manual


  • Radio: 2-channel
  • AA Batteries: 8 for transmitter
  • Battery: 6-cell stick with standard connector
  • Battery Charger: Peak type recommended
  • Building and track equipment


  • Chassis: M5 resin monocoque design, composite construction with extensions to build a short, medium or long wheelbase chassis
  • Drive: Front wheel
  • Shocks: Plastic body friction type
  • Shock Towers: Composite construction
  • Motor: 540 size
  • Electronic Speed Control: Tamiya TBLE-02S
  • Gearbox: Sealed, integral with chassis
  • Transmission: Single speed, ball bearing equipped
  • Differential: Three bevel gear
  • Body: Polycarbonate, clear untrimmed
  • Suspension: Four wheel independent double wishbone
  • Tires: Treaded 60D radial 0.98" (25mm) wide, 2.3" (59mm) diameter with foam inserts
  • Wheels: Plastic, black in color 0.94" (24mm) wide, 1.5" (38mm) diameter
  • Camber: Non-adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle
  • Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the chassis
  • Steering: Three piece tie-rod linkage



  • Length: 14.4" (365mm)
  • Width: 6.7" (170mm)
  • Height: 5.6" (142mm)
  • Wheelbases: 8.3" (210mm), 8.8" (225mm), 9.4" (239mm)
  • Tread: 5.4" (138mm) center of wheels, side-to-side


  • Length: 14.5" (370mm)
  • Width: 6.4" (163mm)
  • Height: 3.7" (93mm)

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