The Best at All Worlds: Why You Should Get Your Hands on a Traxxas E Revo

Say hello to the world’s most powerful, ready-to-race electric monster truck! The Traxxas E Revo packs power, speed, and endurance, making it one of the most amazing RC trucks ever to hit the market.

If you’ve experienced the fun of the original Traxxas E Revo, then get ready to be blown away by the new, redesigned model. This new beast is fierce! Learn why you need to get one yourself here.

The Traxxas Legacy

Traxxas is synonymous with unbridled 4x4 power and extreme endurance in the world of RC trucks. The original Traxxas E Revo was the most powerful 4x4 RC truck until the launch of the legendary X-Maxx. It won tons of awards and became recognized as one of the most successful RC monster trucks.

Overview: The New Traxxas E Revo
Launched in 2018, the second generation E Revo boasts one of the best suspension systems, can speed up to 70 mph and offer top-tier steering stability to match its speed. The truck comes ready to race straight out of the box. Just juice it up and start your dirt road adventures.

This fierce beast features a unique design with wheels sticking out of the main body, which further increases stability and shock dampening. To top it off, the new E Revo dynamically adjusts spring rate and ride height, giving you extreme responsiveness.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s take a closer look at each unique feature below.

VXL-6s Power System

The motor is the single most important feature of every RC monster truck. The Traxxas E Revo comes with the Velineon VXL-6s ESC under the hood. This mean 2200kV brushless motor can output 25V of raw power, utilizing X Maxx series tech.

The VXL-6s power system is protected in a fortified drivetrain that renders it ultra-durable even at 70 mph. The motor is also waterproof.

Maxx-Spec Drive System

Leveraging the technology that made X Maxx so great, the E Revo features a precise drive system to match its powerful brushless motor. With the Maxx-Spec drive system, you will rip more, flip harder, and fly higher.

Self-Righting System
When driving your Traxxas E Revo at 70 mph, you are bound to roll over. Thanks to Traxxas unique self-righting system, you will back on your wheels in no time!

Just press the self-righting button and watch as your E Revo flips back on its wheels just like that. The self-righting system gives you a lot of new opportunities for even more insane stunts with zero repercussions.

Traxxas Stability Management (TSM)

All Traxxas RC trucks come equipped with the Traxxas Stability Management System. TSM regulates your truck’s power as you drive and steer. This gives you supreme control and responsiveness even at max speed.

The precision of TSM allows you to maintain control and do the most daring stunts even when racing at a breathtaking 70 mph.

Traxxas E Revo Body and Low-CG Chassis Design

Designed by some of the most seasoned RC truck experts in the world, the new E Revo boasts a groundbreaking molded chassis. The Low-CG chassis design combines looks and performance in an explosive mix.

The chassis is lightweight yet durable, maximizing strength without sacrificing performance. The battery compartments are scalable and compatible with most NiMH and LiPo configurations to power the new E Revo’s brushless heart.

The whole truck has a low center of gravity, giving you increased side to side maneuverability and stability. This makes the new E Revo a viable choice for competitive RC truck races.

You won’t have to worry about this RC monster truck breaking down! Both driveshafts are made of steel and the 8mm axles ensure its longevity. Topping the original E Revo design, the new model comes with massive body reinforcements.

Tires and Wheels

The E Revo’s wheels are reinforced much like the new chassis, allowing them to handle the power of the VXL-6s power system. The truck comes equipped with all-terrain Talon EXT tires made of specialized rubber.

TQi 2.4GHz Radio System
The E Revo is equipped with the standard TQi 2.4GHz radio system used in most Traxxas trucks. This is a powerful and dependable system.

If you want more, you can upgrade your radio with the Traxxas wireless module. The module gives you telemetry data, including a real-time speed meter, voltage indications, and temperature measurements as you drive.

Quick Start and Maintenance

As we’ve seen above, the E Revo is ready to race straight out of the box. Just plug in the battery and get ready to kick up some dirt! The truck’s quick start guide will show you how to make the most out of your E Revo and start racing within minutes.

To keep your new RC truck in prime shape, the E Revo comes with its own top quality maintenance tools. You will learn how to use these tools to service your E Revo in the quick start guide.

The New Traxxas E Revo: Our Verdict

The new Traxxas E Revo is undeniably one of the best RC monster trucks and the #1 truck in its price range. It’s sturdy for the ages, can reach 70 mph, and gives you precise control of all the action.

This truck keeps on going even after extreme stress tests, including hard falls and head-on crashes. It just refuses to break down!

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