DuraTrax Camber Gauge DTXR1146


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DuraTrax Camber Gauge DTXR1146

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This is the DuraTrax pit tech camber gauge.


  • Easily and accurately measures camber settings in 1° increments from 10° positive to 10° negative
  • Ideal for on-road and off-road cars and trucks
  • Thumb wheel locks gauge settings securely for precise adjustments
  • Includes tips for setting the camber to achieve maximum cornering performance on any type of track design or surface
  • Constructed of black plastic

Includes: One DuraTrax Pit Tech Camber Gauge

Requires: Adjusting gauge to desired setting, placing gauge against wheel or tire and adjusting camber linkages until wheel is aligned with the gauge at the top and bottom

Settings: Front- 1-3° negative, Rear- 0-1° negative

Note: Negative camber prevents the outside edge of the tire from rolling under during cornering. However, too much negative camber will cause loss of traction under straight-line acceleration.