AKA Racing Rebar SC SC10 4x4 Pre-Mount Soft (2) AKA13008SRF

AKA Racing

Item # AKA13008SRF
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Vehicle Type:
Short Course
Fits Model:
Associated SC10 4x4
Fits Model:
Associated RC10 SC5M
Fits Model:
Associated SC10.2
AKA Racing Rebar SC SC10 4x4 Pre-Mount Soft (2) AKA13008SRF

More information about AKA Racing Rebar SC SC10 4x4 Pre-Mount Soft (2) AKA13008SRF

This is the AKA Racing pair of 1:10 Rebar SC Soft Pre-Mounted Tires with Red Insert for the Team Associated SC-10 4X4. The Rebar is for indoor tracks and hard packed, blue grooved outdoor tracks.

The AKA Rebar SC features double side rails on the edges of the tire ensure extra sidewall support. This extra support enables the tire to feel consistent in turns, which provides you with the confidence push even harder. Wide staggered center lugs give the Rebar great forward traction to amp up the power and launch your vehicle off the corner and over the jumps.

All AKA SC have an innovative inner carcass design made to perfectly fit the industry standard AKA 1:8 buggy closed cell foams, resulting in a much more controlled outer sidewall for more consistent handling and tread wear.

The R-Line pre-mounts also feature our new soft red insert. The red insert is designed to soak up the big bumps with its fluted I.D. while still maintaining its shape in the turns to increase corner speed and consistency.

Each tire tread is computer designed and track tested by AKA engineers Gil Losi, Mark Pavidis and team drivers to ensure the best performance before each and every tire goes into production.

The long life of the AKA tire is due to the collective decades of rubber compound development Gil Losi brings to the table. Each compound is tested in labs and then rigorously track tested to ensure the highest quality.

Like AKA inserts and wheels, tire balance is critical to superior performance and it's a top priority in AKA tires. Mold components are manufactured to ensure the best possible alignment, resulting in a tire with more uniform thickness for the best possible balance.
AKA tire molds are made in the U.S.A. using the most advance mold-making techniques and processes currently available.