HPI Mounted Goliath TireTremor Wheel HPI4728

HPI Racing

Item # HPI4728
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Vehicle Type:
Monster Truck
Fits Model:
HPI Savage XL Octane
Fits Model:
Traxxas T-Maxx Classic
Fits Model:
HPI Savage X
HPI Mounted Goliath TireTremor Wheel HPI4728

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HPI mounted Goliath Tires are pre-mounted on Tremor Wheels with foam inserts.
Soft compound rubber delivers long tire life and high grip.
Unique tread pattern for a multitude of on and off-road surfaces.

This package includes
Two HPI Mounted Goliath Tires on Chrome Tremor Wheels w/foam inserts.

HPI Racing now offers our Goliath tires with inner foam, pre-mounted and glued on chrome Tremor wheels. The Goliath-Tremor tire-wheel combo makes your truck look larger with a more aggressive stance for all your favorite monster truck reenactments. For quick replacement and convenience, this package can't be beat.

Includes two right turn and two counter turn flange nuts for 17mm hubs.

Fits 17mm hex hubs only. Convert Savage to 17mm hex hubs with HPI 17mm Hex Hub Conversion Set (#87229) or HPI Universal Joints with 17mm hex hubs (#87230).

Outer Diameter: 7.01 (177mm)
Inner Diameter: 4.4 (112mm)
Width: 2.84 (72mm)
Outer Diameter: 4.4 (112mm)
Width: 2.84 (72mm)
Mounting Style: 17mm Hex Style



Outer Diameter: 7.01" (177mm)
Inner Diameter: 4.4" (112mm)
Width: 2.84" (72mm)

Outer Diameter: 4.4" (112mm)
Width: 2.84" (72mm)
Mounting Style: 17mm Hex Style