HPI Dirt Bonz Tire Xs Compound Savage T-Maxx (2) HPI4853

HPI Racing

Item # HPI4853
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Vehicle Type:
Monster Truck
Fits Model:
Traxxas T-Maxx Classic
Fits Model:
HPI Savage X
HPI Dirt Bonz Tire Xs Compound Savage T-Maxx (2) HPI4853

More information about HPI Dirt Bonz Tire Xs Compound Savage T-Maxx (2) HPI4853

HPI Racing pair of Dirt Bonz tires XS Compound for the Savage and T-Maxx. These are the HPI Dirt Bonz Tires for the HPI Savage and the Traxxas T-Maxx vehicles. These tires go on the wheels of the truck. Durable XS compound. Bone shaped treads. Low profile angled sidewalls. Perfect for dry off-road racing. Stepped foam inserts. Includes, two tires with foam inserts. Only for the Traxxas T-Maxx or HPI Savage series.

HPI Racing are high performance Dirt Bonz monster truck tires in a new soft-and-sticky XS rubber compound. The XS rubber is softer than the standard Dirt Bonz, delivering faster lap times and more grip on slippery off-road tracks. The unique bone-shaped tread blocks provide high grip, and the combination of a low profile angled sidewall, internal ribbing and stepped foam inserts help to prevent sidewall flex in hard corners for consistent traction. Dirt Bonz are 40% lighter than the stock Savage GT tires, reducing overall weight and critical rotational mass for quick acceleration and braking. Designed to fit Savage and T-Maxx monster truck wheels, Dirt Bonz tires are recommended for racers and bashers looking for extra traction! Packaged in pairs with preassembled foam inserts.

Diameter: 5.91 (150mm)
Width: 3.27 (93mm)


Installation onto wheels

Diameter: 6.14" (156mm)
Width: 3.66" (93mm)