Pro-Line Blockade Off-Road Tires No Foam PRO118700


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Vehicle Type:
Short Course
Fits Model:
HPI Baja 5SC
Pro-Line Blockade Off-Road Tires No Foam PRO118700

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This is the Pro-Line pair of Blockade Off-Road Tires (without foam). After countless hours of designing, testing and building, Pro-Line is ready to unleash the all-new Blockade tire for your 1/5 scale Short Course Truck.

  • Large racing tread specifically designed for Maximum Performance
  • Ability to tune tire to current track conditions
  • Inner webbing resists tire expansion
  • 2012 East Coast Large Scale Nationals Champion
  • Made in the USA, since 1982 - Read about Pro-Line Racing’s History
From the beginning, the Blockade Tire was designed to be the ultimate race tire for any track condition. The Pro-Line Blockade features large, perfectly spaced lugs that rip into the dirt for incredible traction and has plenty of meat to last through super long race sessions. For super loose conditions, the Blockade tire can be tuned for more aggressive traction by trimming out alternating knobs.

The inside of the Blockade Tire contains unbelievably detailed webbing that strengthens the tire carcass and prevents excessive tire expansion. If you own an HPI Baja 5SC or Losi 5ive-T, then you need a set of Pro-Line Blockades!

This tire works with HPI 5T Rear Foam (Part# 4818) and Losi 5ive-T Foam (Part# LOSB7241).

Includes: Blockade 1:5 tires No Foam (2 pcs)
Fits: [R] HPI Baja 5SC
Fits: [F/R] Losi 5ive-T
Height: 7.34" (186mm)
Width: 3.00" (76mm)