Pro-Line Fugitive M4 Off-Road 1/8 Buggy Tires Fr/Re PRO905203


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Pro-Line Fugitive M4 Off-Road 1/8 Buggy Tires Fr/Re PRO905203

More information about Pro-Line Fugitive M4 Off-Road 1/8 Buggy Tires Fr/Re PRO905203

This is a pair of Pro-Line Fugitive M4 off-road 1:8 scale front and rear buggy tires. The same tires that helped Ty Tessmann win the iFMAR World Championships in Italy are now available for you to use in your own 1:8 scale buggy! Pro-Line is leaving the competition in the dust with the brand-new Fugitive race tires. The Fugitive was carefully designed to last longer than any race tire ever produced while still retaining speed and agility. In years past, the predominant idea for creating a tire that can last throughout the long A-Mains in high-wear conditions was to design a tall and cumbersome tire tread that was spaced out.

While this may have been effective in its own time, the stall and stiff treads considerably reduced the handling and simply didn't have the speed of smaller pin race tires. This has been fixed with the Fugitive, tires that truly set the bar in performance and wear resistance using a whole new design ideology - small, closely packed pins that can take the abuse of being run on concrete. When paired with Pro-Line's proprietary X-Compounds, the Fugitive easily sits at the top of Pro-Line tires with a high performance to cost ratio, making the Fugitive perfect for racing on European style tracks.


  • Use a World Champion tire like the Pros
  • Outstanding performance to cost ratio
  • Small tightly packed pins can take the abuse of running on concrete
  • Perfect for extreme wear conditions with little dust
  • Long-lasting tread is still fast and agile
  • M4 super-soft compound is ideal for outdoor usage at temperatures of 70° and below
  • Improved traction with X-Compound technology
  • Long-lasting closed-cell inserts included
  • Made in the USA since 1982

Tech Specs:
Diameter: 4.38 (112mm)
Width: 1.68 (43mm)

2x Pro-Line Fugitive 1:8 Scale Buggy Tires in Super-Soft M4 Compound
2x Closed-Cell Foam Inserts

1:8 scale buggy wheels
Tire glue