HPI Dish Wheel 2.2" HPI3091

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HPI Nitro RS4 MT2
Fits Model:
HPI Nitro Firestorm 10T
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HPI Nitro RS4 3
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HPI Firestorm 10T 2.4
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HPI E-Firestorm 10T Flux
Fits Model:
HPI E-Firestorm 10T
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HPI Savage XS Flux
HPI Dish Wheel 2.2" HPI3091

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These race-inspired Dish Wheels are standard fitment on HPI's high performance 1/10th scale Firestorm (#10510) truck. The Dish Wheels can also be used on the HPI Nitro MT 2 series of trucks as well as the Wheely King! For all-out racing, bashing or crawling, dish wheels deliver optimum stiffness and slick aerodynamics. The weight of the Dish Wheel is the perfect blend of minimal rotational mass for maximum speed while providing strength to withstand hard landings. The slick aero design also prevents dirt from getting into the wheels during heavy side-load braking. Rock crawlers will also appreciate the hang-up free face while crawling the technical sections. Mounting hardware is included. HPI Dish Wheels are available in White (#3090), Black (#3091), and Yellow (#3092).

Outer Diameter: 2.2 (55.8mm)
Width: 1.96 (49.9mm)
Mounting Style: 12mm Hex


Installation and tire glue

Outer Diameter: 2.2" (55.8mm)
Width: 1.96" (49.9mm)
Mounting Style: 12mm Hex