HPI Vintage Stock Wheel 26mm 0mm HPI3854

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Item # HPI3854
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On-Road Car
HPI Vintage Stock Wheel 26mm 0mm HPI3854

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Now available for touring cars are Vintage Stock Car Wheels from HPI Racing! These wheels offer ultra-realistic stock car looks with an innovative construction that replaces the low-profile look of most touring cars with scale tire sidewalls just like you see on superspeedways. They are the perfect match for stock car bodies and bolt on to most 1/10th scale touring cars.

The Vintage series of wheels are designed for use with HPI's vintage bodies like the Pantera. Sturdy black plastic construction. Standard 26mm width fits all standard width touring car tires. Fits 190mm and 200mm touring cars.

Width: 1 (26mm) Diameter: 2 (52mm)


Touring car, HPI Vintage tires, CA glue to glue tires to wheels

Width: 1" (26mm)
Diameter: 2" (52mm)