JConcepts Hazard SC10B 12mm Hex Wheel 3mm Black (2) JCO3356B


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Vehicle Type:
Short Course
Fits Model:
Associated SC10B
JConcepts Hazard SC10B 12mm Hex Wheel 3mm Black (2) JCO3356B

More information about JConcepts Hazard SC10B 12mm Hex Wheel 3mm Black (2) JCO3356B

This is a pair of JConcepts mm Hazard 1/10 Scale Buggy Wheels for the Associated SC10B, 12mm Hex Black (2).


  • 3mm per side additional width in offset
  • Durable design, finish and material
  • Hassle free and lightweight 1-piece design
  • Original 1:1 inspired JConcepts azard 12mm hex design
  • Direct bolt-on fit for the Associated SC10B
  • Available in Black, White and Yellow with matte face appearance
  • Devastatingly handsome

JConcepts’ Hazards feature a powerful new look that combines the winning combination of a bead-lock appearance, 10 spoke design, and center lug nut detail with a hint of inspiration from yesteryear. The Hazards will make an immediate impact on the performance of your Associated SC10B by widening the stance by 6mm in overall width. The increased width will maximize your SC10B and bring it up to the SCT ROAR maximum legal limits in dimensional width.

Short Course vehicles naturally have a higher center of gravity and tend to feel tippy or light in high-speed sections. There’s no better way to improve on-track stability than to add width, and with the JConcepts’ Hazard wheels, sweeping through the high-speed corners gets much easier. Wheel interior, profile, and exterior ribbing and spoke design were all areas of focus while creating the combination of clearance, durability, functionality and appearance. With the black color and a matte face appearance, being unique is worry free as practically any paint scheme can be matched to these exciting new wheels. The hassle-free and lightweight 1-piece design creates the ultimate race and show wheel for any competition.

Two JConcepts mm Hazard 1/10 Scale Buggy Wheels, 12mm Hex Black (2)