Great Planes Precision Z-Bend Pliers GPMR8025

Great Planes

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Great Planes Precision Z-Bend Pliers GPMR8025

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This is the precision Z-bend pliers with navigator alignment pin from Great Planes.


  • Heavy-duty, all metal construction (Black in color)
  • Rubber comfort grip reduces hand fatigue (Red in color)
  • Alignment pin puts the Z-bend exactly where you want it - every time
  • Makes Z-bends in line with the pushrod even in limited space installations
  • Makes 90° Z-bends in wire up to 1/16 in diameter
  • One year quality guarantee

Includes: One set of Precision Z-Bend Pliers with Navigator Alignment Pin

Requires: Pliers are complete

Length: 9

Note: The alignment pin is on the top of the pliers, and is lined up with the section on the plier’s jaws that make the bend. Simply put the pin in the servo horn hole that the pushrod will connect to. Next, lightly hold the music wire where the bend will be placed. Then remove the pliers from the servo horn, and squeeze the handles together to make the bend. You can remove any excess wire with a pair of diagonal wire cutters.