Great Planes Pindriver T-Pin Pusher GPMR8050

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Great Planes Pindriver T-Pin Pusher GPMR8050

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Insert and remove T-pins quickly and easily with the pindriver T-pin pusher. T-pins are necessity with many building projects, but using them can be a hassle. This tool makes building models easier and fits small, medium and large T-pins.


  • Black plastic ergonomic handle with built in slots for the T-pins
  • A small magnet cleverly holds the T-pin in place until it is securely inserted
  • Both ends have claws which make quick and effortless work of T-pin removal
  • T-pin pusher allows you to place pins in hard to reach places and to use pins in harder woods

Includes: T-pin driver/puller

Length from one end to the other: 4-3/8
Width at front end: 7/8

Note: The ergonomic design helps to eliminate finger and thumb fatigue, which have been a problem with T-pin insertion/extraction for a long time.