Top Traxxas Slash Performance Upgrades You Must Own

Rocket League has passed the 25 million active users online. That's a huge number of users playing soccer with cars!

What's more, people love it so much that they've built a real-life version of the game.

But since the play-set comes from Hot Wheels, you can expect much smaller RC models. It's a kid's toy after all. And if you want some racing action yourself, small vehicles may not be enough.

Well, if you're interested, the Traxxas Slash RC is the big truck you might be looking for. It's a versatile machine and if you want, you can even get Traxxas Slash upgrades.

Making a monster out of your Slash isn't easy though. So, before you buy parts, read on and learn about the seven upgrades that improve your RC.

1. The All-Powerful Battery

The Slash RC out of the box is already powerful. The truck is speedy and takes tumbles well. But if you want more out of your truck, you'll need a new battery.

In keeping the cost down, most RC companies place Ni-Mh or Ni-Cad batteries in their models. They're heavy and lack some extra power. But for people learning the ropes, they do their job well.

If you want to take your truck to the next level, upgrading to Li-Po batteries is essential.

Li-Po units are lighter and more compact, besides providing more power. Some units even come with different adapters accommodating all kinds of motors.

Upgrading to Li-Po will make your Slash faster, while also increasing their running time.

2. Speed Boosts with Better Motors

Among all the Traxxas Slash parts, the motor is very important. What would be the point of a Li-Po battery if it doesn't power a great motor?

But before you put down an order, you need to know which motor works for you. It's tempting to go for most speed but if you like off-road driving, fast engines aren't the model for you.

For off-roaders, slower engines exert more effort for every rotor turn. That lets your truck climb steep hills and rocky terrain. A slower model consumes less energy and doesn't overheat fast.

But if you want your 2WD Slash to ramp-jump further, fast acceleration and top speed are the things that'll get you there. In this case, an engine that provides more RPM will have your machine zooming around the course.

If you're a little budget conscious, be aware that these parts can rack up in cost. It's best to be sensible about your engine choices.

3. Improving the Slash's Look with a New Body

The beauty of owning RC cars is that you can change their look to make them more unique. The good news is, an upgrade to your Traxxas Slash's body is doable and easy.

All body kits boast of adjustability to fit the chassis. That means all you need is a toolset. If you want to go a little further though, other kits come unpainted.

Besides that, you can even add spoilers and wings to set your car further apart from the pack. Ordering the unpainted versions of both parts gives you even more freedom to be unique.

4. Bearings Vs Bushings

To get the most out of your Slash, you'll have to look closer at all the moving parts. The stock bushings in most RC cars work great for a while. Over time, they get loose and that causes more noisy friction.

Bearings last a long time provided you do consistent maintenance work on them. You can choose from ceramic, metal, and rubber sealed versions. For best performance though, stick with metal or ceramic bearings.

5. Improving Your Electronic Speed Controller to Match the Motor

Whichever engine you may choose, the change won't mean much without a good ESC. Each complements the other, but mismatched parts hold performance back.

The ESC helps you extend more control over the engine. Without it, your RC will go full speed ahead or remain stationary. These little gadgets also help with the breaks.

Since the ESC uses a lot of energy, it tends to heat up. As such, the next thing to do is buy an improved fan. All these combined let you play around and race for much longer.

6. Choosing the Right Tires for Different Roads

Depending on how you improve your Slash, tires make a huge difference in performance. The right Slash 2WD tires lessen skidding and spin-outs at max speed.

Slick tires are for tarmac and cement tracks, making them great for racing. Rough terrain means using full or mini spikes to compensate for uneven roads. But since each set is cheap, buying spares can save you from a lot of hassle.

Keep in mind that some tires are difficult to remove from the rims. Consider setting aside extra cash to get spare Traxxas Slash tires and rims.

7. A Solid Tool Set for those Traxxas Slash Upgrades

The beauty of owning an RC car is learning about DIY modifications. It's fun working with your hands, especially when the result lets you drive a cool new car.

But you can't learn how to build something without the ability to take it apart.

Owning a toolset lets you tinker with your new RC truck. You can learn to take off the chassis, replace engines, and build your own model from scratch.

If you're nervous about building on your own, you can turn to the community for help. You can experiment all you want without fear of breaking important parts.

Building up the Best Slash RC

There are so many Traxxas Slash upgrades to choose from that it can be hard to pick one. It all comes down to how you want your car to function.

Whether you live in a rural suburb or a busy city, don't forget that racing or off-road driving is for fun. But it never helps to go over budget, though buying cheaper truck models can often be limiting. Sometimes, they don't allow for upgrades at all.