Traxxas Radio Control

Traxxas is, and has been, a prominent name in the RC world for quite some time, and for good reason. Since their start in 1986, they’ve introduced industry standards that have been recreated by other brands while Traxxas continued to innovate and tweak their existing models. In the beginning of remote controlled cars and trucks, it was uncommon and even unheard of to purchase one of these vehicles fully assembled. This undoubtedly deterred many casual and entry level hobbyists from truly pursuing their interests. Seeking to answer this problem, Traxxas pioneered the concept of RTR or Ready-to-Run vehicles, making RC cars and trucks available to a whole new audience.

The company then introduced in 1992 what would become a tremendous success, the Nitro Hawk. It was the first RTR gas truck, and a refreshing alternative to already popular electric vehicles. Whereas electric RC cars and trucks are less complicated to use, they require frequent battery charging. Nitro trucks grew among more seasoned enthusiasts who found pleasure in hands-on tinkering, since the gas alternative takes time and effort to tune before driving.

Traxxas has been able to retain their high standing among RC hobbyists for many reasons. Their cars have a history of durability, especially for those who love to bash. When it is time to replace a broken suspension arm or hinge pin, you’ll see how easy it is to find the correct  RC Car or Truck Part needed to make the fix. They’ve put a lot of focus towards making their parts readily available for customers, ensuring that when the inevitable tune up comes around, you can get back on the track ASAP.

Along with their community-wide praise of excellent customer service and support, these are just some of the reasons why RC Planet, both as sellers and fans, carry the Traxxas brand.